Regenerate presents Angela Flame


Yes y’all songkran is just around the corner and looks like we’re  set for another techno summer. Regenerate presents the legendary Angela Flame live at Glow on April 5. Organized by Sweden’s Outsider productions and Bangkok’s very own techno godfather Nolens Volens you can bet this is the real deal! Expect to hear the most illest underground Techno as Angela Flame takes to the decks on this special night. I am also very honored to have been invited to play on this night as well, so expect a mixture of Bassline house and techno from me. 350 for tickets includes one free drink. Click on the link below for more info.

Here’s an exclusive interview with Angela Flame on Siam2nite:


Locals only!!!

This months Dubway session at cafe democ will be just the locals wrecking shit on the 1 and 2’s. We’ve got up tons and tons of fresh tunes all waiting to dropped at peak hour. Saturday night is our chance to shine!!  In the line up are Jo Stitch, Hiroo, Dragon, Sinamon and VJ Gorb. No cover this month so please drop by and enjoy the vibes with us!

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Beer Chang moonlight rave

I’m sure everyone in the world has heard of the infamous Full Moon rave parties in Koh Phangan Thailand. The party which takes place on every full moon attracts  back packers and hippies looking to party there ass’s off for days on end. I myself have been there a few times and each time end up getting wrecked! Another place in Thailand that is also well known but not as popular for pill popping backpackers is  Phuket. This island was made popular back in the day because the Asian Tsunami nearly destroyed the place. Speed things up to the present and Beer Chang decided they wanted to organize the first ever full moon party in Phuket. Ironically the event would be held on one of the beaches that was hit the hardest by the disaster. Through out the years the Phuket tourism authority have been working very hard to get the island back to its former state. The local government have also organized a few outdoor events such as ROY FEST, Sequence festival and now the Beer Chang rave in order to attract a younger crowd to the island. The event line up included  Lapsap, Goldfish, Suharit, Khan Thaitanium and last but not least my stankin’ ass was also invited. Not exactly the kind of line up but you ‘d expect at an outdoor rave but whatever.. its all good!

A few posts back I also wrote that I wouldn’t be eating any more mushrooms before I or while I dj. Well while in Phuket I completely ignored what I had promised to myself and ended up taking those bad ass shroom’s. I always thought that I could handle myself when ingesting hallucinogenic drugs. I‘ve proven once again that I should totally stay away from them (well at least when I’m spinning). I ended taking the stuff about 2 hours before my set and honestly I was thinking that it would be enough time to get my head straight. Instead when 2 hours was over I had reached the peak of my high. It sucks to be in a situation like this because you have to focus and cant really enjoy your trip. Maybe that’s why the first 10 minutes of my set was a fucking nightmare! I was tripping my tits off thinking the records looked like they were warping. The other bad thing was the stage floor. When I moved around  the stage the floor would shake and wobble, sometimes someone would stomp the floor  it would make the needle jump. Shit like this happens almost at every outdoor party I’ve played, only with the exception of ROY FEST festival also held earlier this year in Phuket.. That festival by the way had one of the best sound systems I’ve heard in ages. It also had a wicked stage set up as well.

Although the P.A system for this party wasn’t as big as the one they had at ROY FEST the rig that they had set up for this event still rocked! I think what must have calmed me from tripping so hard was the fact that the beats sounded so good. I remember when I dropped The Chase by Jack Sparrow I felt like I was going to explode! The low end frequencies emitted from the bass bin’s made it seem as they were going to cause another tsunami.  Another track that really impressed both me and the crowd was Youthmans’s remix of DJ Yas’ track called Rebirth. I ‘ve had this pressed on acetate for ages and I’m suprised the grooves haven’t worn out. On the night of the party the crowd went ballistic over the breakdown of the song – total crowd pleaser! I did make it through the rest of my set even though I was still ripped by the time that I got off the decks. I’m thankful I got the chance to introduce  both the tourist and local crowd to the awesome sounds of  dubstep. I’m also hopeful that events like this one will put Phuket back on the Thai party map. In all the night was a blast and I hope that I will get the chance to do it again either at ROY FEST 2010 or fingers crossed at the next Beer Chang party. And I promise not to take shrooms the next time … for real!

*btw the name for the actual event was Beer Chang Moonlight Regatta, but I changed it to Beer Chang Rave cuz the other name sounded a bit dull !! big ups to Petch and that dutch dude that hooked us up, also big shouts to kaew for runnin’ tingz! Check my flickr for the rest of the photo’s.

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