We moved

Yeah that’s right folks the first Dubway session in 2010 will be at club 808. I guess you can think of it like kids moving out of there parents house. For a long time  Club Culture and the owners were like parents to us. They helped us out with many things and in return we worked hard for them. Although staying at your parent’s crib can be stressfull, it mostly is very convienent and most of all SAFE. Now we’re out on our own and gonna have to try harder to make things work…like when we were in college and trying to survive off packets of Mama instant noodles. So expect the Dubway crew to book more underground DJ’s this year, big name DJ’s cost a shit load and in todays economy a shit load of money is a thing that is hard to come by and, just cuz the DJ’s we book are from the underground don’t even think for a second that they are wack. An excellent example of up and coming dope as hell producer is DJ Instinct. This young and talented producer/DJ wil be our very first guest at Dubway for 2010. Insinct’s been reppen’ Guernsey to the fullest having been featured on Get Darker Tv, he’s also releasing his tune’s on DJ Cyrus’ new label called Origin Audio. I ‘ve checked Intinct’s trax on his mypace and their dope! I’m glad I can be the first promoter in asia to have booked him. I’m even more excited about hearing his beats pumped out of 808’s huge sound system. Also on the line up is DJ Mash. This rudeboy DJ used to live in Thailand for many years so he’s earned himself a bit of a following amongst the locals. Unfortunately since last year he’s had to move back to England. We were lucky enough to have Dubway on the date he decided to visit his old friends in Bangkok, so its going to be extra exciting that we now have him as part of the nights line up. On top of that there’s me, Jo Stitch and MC Sinamon throwing down on this night as well!! Yes so there it is our first event for 2010, small underground line up but quality DJ’s never the less! Learning to survive off meager rations has never been so much fun!! Can’t wait til the very first beat drop’s at 808 on January 23. Hope y’all can make it!

The full line up is

DJ Instint(origin audio)

DJ Mash( formula devotion)


Jo stitch

Mc sinamon

tickets are 300 bath includes one drink

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