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End of the world


Here’s the last podcast for 2012. On this show we get into some deep and dark bizniz. I guess you say its my soundtrack for the end of the world, or at least the sound of what is to come in 2013. Starting off the year we have Dubway sessions on January 12 with special guest DJ Mensah https://soundcloud.com/mensahanderson. To date this talented producer  has had big tunes released on Labels like Gutterfunk, Hench and Digital Sound boy.  I am more than honored to have him for our first boking in 2013. I also want to add that we will be hosting the event at a totally new venue. The first session for next year will be held at LSD on the second floor of Grease (yes that’s actually the name of the club) on sukhumvit soi 49. As strange as the name maybe the owners of this place have spared no expense in making the best venue for underground clubbing and I am sure this place is going to be very popular.  Check out more here on their page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Grease-Mon-Sat/493925337297432?ref=ts&fref=ts 

Lastly I just wanted to also say thanks so much for all your support in the year of the dragon, its been a great year and I hope to make next year even bigger and better for DUBWAY.

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Heres the link to the podcast:


track list

End of the world – Komonazmuk
Cluster – Innasekt
Feel it – Vivek
silverfish – kaiju
Apocrypha – Instinct and Thelem
Dawn of the replicants
apocrypha – instinct and thelem
dawn of the replicants – sleeper
trinity – vivek
culture – Jony
the divide – kryptic minds
Dualism – thelem and kilawatt
stand against war – digital mystiks
altogether lost (peverlist remix) – empty set
arcane – kryptic minds
Hardwork -interface and minus

Goth Trad x Greg G was a success!

Big ups to everyone who made it down to Goth Trad x Greg G on saturday night! Thank you so much for all your support. You can check out the pictures from the event here:

Heres a link to the recording of My set on saturday
Also many thanks to Asahi, Leap Frog, Apple, Sinamon, Hiroo, Jo, Goth Trad, Greg G, Preduce, DJ Center, Wet Carpet Studio, Nat Sukonbut, Chip 7, Siam2nite.

Check out the latest Dubway pictures here

Big thanks to everyone for making it down to the last DUBWAY party. It was an honor to have two of my heroes RSD and Gapi Dub kitchen come to play for us that night. Also big ups to everyone that made it down that night. extra thanks go’s out to Sinamon and Hiroo, Nin @ DJ Center, Chris Bowden and Katharina. Check out the pictures from saturday night here:


Club Triangle

I am very honored to have been invited to play at Club Triangle in Osaka Japan. I’ve played in Japan a few times but I’ve never been to any other city then Tokyo and in contrast to that city’s workaholic lifestyle  Osaka’s  inhabitants are so much more laid back. Right in the heart of Osaka’s downtown district is Club Triangle. This 3 floor venue blasts everything from underground to hip hop to drum n bass on its massive sound system. DJ wise selectah’s such as Rebel Mc, DJ Zinc and Laurent Garnier have graced the club’s decks. DJ Toyo – Club Triangle’s manager booked me to play on Friday night and even though the crowd was a lot different  than what I am used to (it was a house/techno night) I still am very honored to have been invited by Toyo to represent Thailand and the Dubway crew over in Osaka. I reckon a lot of the stuff that I play nowadays isn’t that much dub step and more on the garage tip, it certainly did go down well with the ravers inside the club on that night. To top that I was joined by an army of my close friends, many of whom I met in Bangkok ages ago. We all got niced up on the two free bottles of Jack Daniels that Toyo kindly supplied us with. If y’all want to see the madness  I uploaded some pictures on my facebook so please feel free to check out what went down on the frosty February night 🙂 I also want to big up DJ Hiroo (oyampan), Quotaroo, Mami and Nobu, Fum and Ken, Naru and Fumi, Hiro, DJ Toyo,  DJ Tuttle,  Fat Boy,  Galaxy Gallery Crew and all the wonderfull peeps I met in Osaka. BIG UPS TO Y’ALL!

Here’s a link to the pictures from that night:


Also my Thai/Jap expat friends who run DUDE mag just uploaded this Japanese version of my interview. Big ups to Ken and all crew at DUDE MAG 🙂


Club Triangle’s website:


Shanghai Trip

To date Shanghai is the asian City that I  visit  most frequently. In fact Just last year I was invited to play at the Shelter. The first time playing at that club was Awesome and to date I consider the Shelter is my one of my favorite clubs in Asia. This year I was lucky enough to have been invited again  by Subculture resident DJ Drunk Monk.  The only thing  different from last time was that this event would see Myself, Jo stitch, Mc Sinamon, Pakorn and Napat heading over to Shanghai to Jam with the Subculture crew. Most times I ‘ve DJ’d overseas I would have to go by myself but this time It was great to be able to head to Shanghai with all of my crew. We landed in Shanghai on Thursday night and after we checked in to our rooms we all went out for a night of serious boozing. Big ups to Gaz for supplying us with all those Tiger beers and Jager shots!! We pretty much did the same thing on Friday night but didn’t  go all out since we had to save our energy for the big night on Saturday. I had to admit that I was still quite tired when Saturday came. I took a nap before the party and woke up around 8. I met up with everyone at the Club and made it in time to hear DJ DJI get on the dekcs. After it was DJ Drunk Monk setting things straight with a solid hour of some of the deepest dubstep sounds I’ve heard in ages.  Then it was time for Jo Stitch to heat  up the venue with some serious hard hitting dnb and lemme tell ya the crowd went banana’s to his set! To be honest I think he deserved every last bit of applause 🙂 Jo’s  come a long way and has worked with me for many years now and I’m glad to see him have such a wonderful time that night at the club. I got on the decks at 2:30 and by that time a few peeps were a bit worn out from Jo’s beats so it did take a while for me to get things going again. I think this time I played it was more difficult to get the crowd hyped then the last time I played in 2009. I’m certainly not really into the wobbly bass as much as I used to be. Never the less it was all good and most important I had a great time! While me and Jo were spinning our tracks Sinamon would Jam on the mic with MC CHacha and Esia from the Subculture crew, all the while Pakorn was in the back of the DJ booth creating some wicked Graf on canvas. That whole night the venue was rammed right til the end and everyone left the club happy. Since saturday night me and the whole crew have been partying like mad. I ‘ve just gotten back yesterday and I ‘m knackered! The whole event was a complete success and both the Dubway crew and I were very honored to have been invited to play at the Shelter. Big ups to DJ Drunk Monk and all the SubCulture Crew for being such a wonderful host’s and I hope to see y’all back to play next year at Dubway.
Click down here to check out some more pictures:


Rest in peace Juan Paulo Mendiola aka Daddy P-lo

This month the Dubway crew lost someone dear to us. On Friday September 10 our beloved friend Juan Paulo Mendiola suffered a fatal heart attack. This tragedy happened while he was at Siam Square. Even though the ambulance and medical team arrived in time they still couldn’t save his life. He was announced D.O.A upon arrival at the hospital.

For the Dubway crew Juan Paulo Mendiola or DJ Daddy P-lo was not only a talented DJ but also someone who helped immensely by giving inspiration and moral support to everyone. Paulo was also one of the few people who agreed unconditionally to help us promote and spread the Dubway vibe to the Thai masses. He also helped the crew by warming up the decks at our events and when he had time he would be our official photographer. Most recently Paulo helped to organize the line up at our student workshops in Hua Hin – As a matter of fact Thai reggae Legend Gap T-bone agreed to be a guest at our workshop because Paulo told him about our crew.

Besides helping with work Paulo was a good friend to everyone. He always gave the best insight and advice when times were bad. Paulo was also the kind of guy that would talk nonstop and make jokes about everything. In contrast to his wit and humor, at times Paulo seemed a bit shy; sometimes he would sit and say nothing for the longest time. Either way since his passing I have realized how blessed I am to have been his friend. I wish I made more effort to show my appreciation towards him and all the things he did for me when he was alive. Dubway will never be the same without him!

I still can’t believe what has happened and in some way I think that it’s just one of Paulo’s practical jokes. It’s hard for me to smile or to try to put myself in a more positive mood. I do feel a bit better when I look back and remember all the times that we spent together. Like when Paulo and the crew were in Hua Hin celebrating my birthday and we all got drunk and jumped in the pool or just last week when we were partying at Cosmic Cafe. These are the fondest memories I have of him and I will remember those good times forever.

A few days ago I was overcome with grief and sadness but now I feel a bit at ease because in my heart I know that wherever he is right now Paulo is all right…. I just know it!  And if you knew him personally you would also feel the same way too.

All our thoughts and prayers go’s out to Paulo and his family. I ‘m also sorry to say that because of this tragedy Dubway will be canceled this month. We just want to give everyone time to mourn Paulo’s passing away. We’ll be back again in October.

Check out our homeboy’s last blog post here: