Wrong Disco vs DJ Dragon

`ImageOur Homeboy’s DJ Will and Baptiste will be hosting their Wrong Disco event this Saturday 23 March at Grease Mon-Sat. Baptiste will be performing live as his FUNDAMENTAL HARMONICS guise, giving peeps a taste of his fourth release called Cloud of shapes. I’m also going to be a special guest at the event and I will be dropping a bassline house/techno set. I’m glad that I’m getting a chance to play something different from dnb or dubstep. There’s so much wicked music out there now and I’m glad I have a chance to play some of the housey stuff I’ve been buying and no I’m jumping on the bandwagon here either. During my pimple faced high school years I did leave my hip hop roots for the dark side and for a while there was djing house/techno/breaks etc. What I really love about the stuff that is coming out now is the fact that many of the new artists like Doc Daneeka grew up listening to dnb and you can hear those influences in the music. Its bass heavy, dubwise 4×4 beats at its finest I reckon. Either way please feel free to join me and the Wrong Disco crew at Grease this weekend. Tickets are 250 baht at the door + 1 free drink. Hope to see all of yall there!

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Doc Daneeka live in Bangkok!


Yes peeps I am very happy to announce the second event we ‘ve got lined up for 2013 is a collabo between Bangkok’s Phatfunk crew and Homebass Communications (Dubway). Special guest for the night is Doc Daneeka (ten thousand yen/50 weapons). Fresh off the success of last year’s ground breaking album They L!ve, Doc Daneeka along side with his partner in crime Benjamin Damage have now emerged to become two very influential figures in the bass music scene. The Doc is known for fusing house,techno and garage flavors in his productions and it’s because of this reason party people from all musical back grounds flock to see him DJ. The event is going down this Friday February/8/2013 at Glow. I hope all of the Homebass/Dubway fans will come to show support! Its going to be a different vibe that’s for sure and I am really happy that we can finally take things into a new era of sound! I hope to see y’all there!

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Doc Daneeka and Benjamin Damage live at Boiler room


Flyer design by Studio new fang http://www.facebook.com/studionewfang

Dubway Sessions Presents DJ Mensah

Dubway Sessions are ready to start the year off with some fresh new talent from the likes of DJ Mensah. This multi talented producer has in 2012 produced serious dance floor bangers. Never wanting to be pigeon holed into one genre Mensah has released dubstep bangers on influential labels like Deep Medi, Hench and Digital Sound boy. On the opposite end of the spectrum last year’s release Conqueror was a bass line house classic! Come check out this badman producer come tear out the dance on January 12!!Here’s the full line upSpecial guest:

DJ Mensah

With support from

One Eye


Vincent Smith (Evolver)

Hosted by Mc Sinamon

Live Visuals on the full LED screen by: Monologue’s VJ

400 baht at the door + 1 drink

180 baht for beer SPECIAL PROMOTION and 200 baht on all house spirits!!

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End of the world


Here’s the last podcast for 2012. On this show we get into some deep and dark bizniz. I guess you say its my soundtrack for the end of the world, or at least the sound of what is to come in 2013. Starting off the year we have Dubway sessions on January 12 with special guest DJ Mensah https://soundcloud.com/mensahanderson. To date this talented producer  has had big tunes released on Labels like Gutterfunk, Hench and Digital Sound boy.  I am more than honored to have him for our first boking in 2013. I also want to add that we will be hosting the event at a totally new venue. The first session for next year will be held at LSD on the second floor of Grease (yes that’s actually the name of the club) on sukhumvit soi 49. As strange as the name maybe the owners of this place have spared no expense in making the best venue for underground clubbing and I am sure this place is going to be very popular.  Check out more here on their page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Grease-Mon-Sat/493925337297432?ref=ts&fref=ts 

Lastly I just wanted to also say thanks so much for all your support in the year of the dragon, its been a great year and I hope to make next year even bigger and better for DUBWAY.

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track list

End of the world – Komonazmuk
Cluster – Innasekt
Feel it – Vivek
silverfish – kaiju
Apocrypha – Instinct and Thelem
Dawn of the replicants
apocrypha – instinct and thelem
dawn of the replicants – sleeper
trinity – vivek
culture – Jony
the divide – kryptic minds
Dualism – thelem and kilawatt
stand against war – digital mystiks
altogether lost (peverlist remix) – empty set
arcane – kryptic minds
Hardwork -interface and minus

The last dubway session for 2012


Flyer design by Thun Puchpen

Flyer design by Thun Puchpen


Ok so I guess everybody has heard of the december 21 2012 the day the Mayan calendar ends right? I’m sure there has been a slew of doomsday predictions in the past but what makes the Mayan prophecy so interesting is that many of the things they predicted came true! I always thought what would I do the few hours before the world is going to end. Yeah I know most of you would be with your family, I would too but I would definitely have one last dubplate session with the crew before it all go’s to shit. So for our dooms day farewell session we have Eshin and Trigon repesenting Profound Audio from the good ol’ U.S of A and I’m not talking about no wibbly wobbly bro step shite here either, I’m talking bout some proper dubwize sounds! To date these guys have been reppin’ the stateside scene with release’s from their own label. Rob Sparx, Propa tings, Mrk1 and Bytesize are just some of the artists on the label. The night will be held at Cafe Democ on Silom so make sure you go to the right one. Also on the line up will be Dragon, Jo stitch, Sinamon and The Wet Carpet VJs. Tickets will be 300 baht plus one drink. Last bass, last rewind and last rinse out before it all go’s boom!!!  Hope y’all can make it down for this one.

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DJ Krush 20th anniversary world tour live in Bangkok


I am honored to announce that Homebass Communications will be hosting the DJ Krush 20th year anniversary world tour here in Bangkok city! It’s taken me almost 7 years to finally get to book him for a gig and I am very happy to see my dream come true. This will be the first time ever that the legendary Japanese producer/turntable maestro will be performing in our city. Helping to bring the vibes on this night will be DJ Yas from Kemuri productions, Rino Latina from Kaminari Kazoku and Thailands very own Gapi Dub Kitchen aka Gap T bone. The event will take place on July 14 at Club L.E.D in Royal City Avenue.  Tickets are 900 baht at the door but you can buy advance tickets for 700 baht at Preduce skate shop in Siam square soi 1. ADVANCE TICKETS GO ON SALE JULY 1, be sure to get them while you can because they will on be sold in limited numbers – 200 tickets to be exact.

Heres the full line up

DJ Krush

DJ Yas

Rino Latina

Gapi Dub Kitchen

DJ Dragon +Mc Sinamon+Abu

Visuals by Wet Carpet studio

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Goth Trad x Greg G was a success!

Big ups to everyone who made it down to Goth Trad x Greg G on saturday night! Thank you so much for all your support. You can check out the pictures from the event here:

Heres a link to the recording of My set on saturday
Also many thanks to Asahi, Leap Frog, Apple, Sinamon, Hiroo, Jo, Goth Trad, Greg G, Preduce, DJ Center, Wet Carpet Studio, Nat Sukonbut, Chip 7, Siam2nite.