I’ve tried changing the layout for the blog. So far I haven’t got much time to re adjust the picture sizes, so please be patient while I do that. The only thing i dont like about the layout is the ugly neon orange lettering. Lemme see if I can change that.


4 responses to “notes

  1. Hello Mr Dragon
    I am a travelling dj dirty dubstep fiend playing nothing but the filthiest and nastiest selection of tunes….How can i get involved with the BK scene? Are there any nights? I have a venue in mind that could be a great place to rock…there is amp and speaker and a 2 channel mixer unfortunately there is no decks (vinyl or cd)…Let me know what the state of affairs is, i can post you a link to some recent experiments i have been doing (eg. controlling computer and mixing using an Iphone…it’s great fun!)

  2. HELLO mR.dRAGON.I FEEL SCARE YOU THE SAME WHEN i SAW YOUR PIC IN YOUR AUNT’S BIRTHDAY PARTY.i MISS YOU SO MUCH–VERY VERY VERY MUCH.Why u to be dissolute?(too fat,and long hair leave your head)–not handsome than 10years ago

    I remember you give me the e-mail and sign your name with draw 1part of shoe on my book.That’s make me remember u.Don’t let me know where your fingers pick out cd-not scratch

    I will follow to see you.DEVILISH Dragon

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