About me

Welcome to dubwaybkk.com the HQ of  Homebass Communications and Dubway Sessions. Since 1997 We have been organizing and promoting underground bass culture to the Thai masses. The collective started with DJ’s Wen and Dragon and would later be joined by MC Abu from Japan. Back in the day we Started the scene off with very small jungle/dnb parties at Clubs such as Deeper and Om continuing all the way into present day with booking high profile DJs like EZ Rollers, Lenzman, Ray Keith, Dread Bass, L Double, DJ SS, DJ DX, Aphrodite have all graced the decks at early Homebass Communications events. To date we host Bangkok cities longest running dub step night called Dubway Sessions. Taking place once a month at various night spots in Bangkok, DJ’s like Pinch, RSD, Sabre, Goth Trad and Alpha Steppa have been guest’s at our event.

If you have any questions feel free contact us  on facebook at www.facebook.com/dubwaybkk

or follow us on on twitter: https://twitter.com/Dubwaybkk



49 responses to “About me

  1. Hello there!

    Nice to have some bass heads in the place! Big shouts for your work and your events. It looks and sounds really wicked.

    A good friend of mine based in France is also running a radio show and a dubstep label “7even Recordings” (http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=240114463)so I guess it would be nice you guys to get to know each others’ work!

    Big up from London Town!
    Come visit my blog (not the same subject but still…) once in a while 😉

  2. thanks very much for finding me and its nice to meet you. good of you for mentioning your friend at seven records, I see they have a few releasees already and I heard there tunes a few times … very cool stuff indeed. yup i ‘ll definitely check out your blog. I’ll have pictures up next week of our party this friday and its with DJ Red Eyes from france.

    ok mate take care n keep in touch



  3. Hi Dragon,
    I am writing from Yangon – Myanmar, I can’t find your email address, sorry to use your blog.
    Are you available for water festival? my friend, stage organizer looks for a DJ for playing here (13 to 15th April, 3h/day roughly). I think you are the right guy for that. You know, Yangon becomes the biggest dancefloor in the world at that time, it’s great!
    Please contact me if you are interested, thank in advance!

    Ps: I know youthman, he’s good, have fun with him!

  4. Will you be throwing another Dubway session in May? I need my dubstep fix, but can’t make it to Bangkok for the April 25 party 😦

    Keep it up!

  5. Ok ok

    One more time it s a big prog for your next party.
    I love Deep medi Musik.

    Big up
    You re welcome friday in Cafe de Moc !!!
    See ya


  6. How is going my friend ? am not sure you can remember me or not. am your friend when you was young. i study with you at kindergarten. Are you remember that. if you for got that okay i just to say Hi !!! to you that all.

  7. Nice to hear you back. Yes, that right. That my mom.So are you remember me cool. Now am stay in Sydney.And to nite i listen to you on GTR online. so cool.

    take care n keep in touch

    • hey thanks for listening. I hope you enjoyed the show. Usually my show is on every tuesday except the first monday of every month. what are you doing in australia? studying lor? ok if you need to reach me from now on my email is homebasscommu@gmail.com

      thanks na

      take care


  8. i send some in your email na ka. thanks for reply ka. hope to meet you someday in thailand na. To nite am still listen
    to you on GTR again. but very late in sydney at 1.00 am.
    take care ka

  9. i´ve been to thailand 3 weeks ago but i had no clue that there are dubstep-parties happening in BKK. this is one of the things i´ll have to check out next time when i´m over there! the YT-videos look really nice.
    big up your work mate!
    cheers, EE (hit me up on myspace if u like to)

  10. yes there should be a few things going on in december. ill post up whatever parties and what not once there confirmed

  11. hey man,
    we’re gonna be in BKK on 9-14 october 2009. so please inform us if there any dnb or dubstep gigs on that date. thanx man

    greeting from jakarta, Indonesia.

  12. Hello! My name is ON)

    I think we do same things, on same frequences)
    I’m disc jockey, lighting designer, lighting jockey, visual jockey, party promoter and clubmaker also)))

    U can check my profile in facebook have some photo from my projects, clubs and partys:

    Now I stay in Bangkok till 9december
    And want to know about underground and true nightlife here.
    Also I wish to learn than I can be useful, try to find work in Bangkok for future.
    I have my equipment with me and can do something (dj,vj,lj)

    It would be good to find the help from you)
    Peace) keep on good vibes

    my phone: 0848648209

  13. Hi Dragon, is that you? This is Dallas, hung out a few years ago in Shanghai, remember… You are the right guy aren’t you? Friend of Roy and Eve? Let me know if it is you.

  14. Now then,
    Writing an article on Bkk club scene and was after some of your knowledgable input.

    If you could answer any of the questions below that would be quality.

    Why is partying in Bangkok better than other cities across the globe?
    What is the best venue to play in Bangkok, and why?
    How has the Bangkok dance music scene changed in last 10 years?
    Which Thai artists/bands should we be listening to in 2010?
    What are your current top five tracks?

    answers by email cheers

    Take care

  15. Hi there,
    I wanna learn the art of scratching… am from Nepal is there any way u can just teach me scratching… i have been doin Dj ing for a year now… on Cdj’s wanna move to turntable now…. and can the course duration been shorted its due to visa reason…many thanks


    • hi, my course is more basic mixing and some basic scratching. Everyone who joins the class learns the same thing. This is because most people who join the class have absolutely no experience with djing. I can’t shorten the course sorry.



  16. Hey I’m hopefully going to apply to the school for sound engineering diploma in march but i need something to keep myself busy for a little while. I was wondering, does it matter if i sign up for the DJing class now for the January session? I Know it’s not the two month notice required but i’m comin back to BKK in a few days and i want to stay there for a long time so i just need something to keep me busy for the first few months before the Sound Engineering class. I’m already a DJ but i wouldn’t say I’m all that great i think this class would be a good confidence builder. Anyways yea just let me know if i can sign up late or not, and on the other side of things we should meet up sometime if your still DJing around at places. I DJ-ed at 808 for a bit so yea.
    alright man hit me back,

    • If you have played in clubs then I assume you already know your basics. I only think you should join the DJ class if you have no prior knowledge on turntable/cdj basics, beat mixing and selecting. Other wise might just be a good idea to buy your own gear and spend all that extra time practicing at home.

  17. คิดถึงดราก้อนแต่อ่านภาษาอังกฤษไม่ออก dubway culture ให้คนไทยอ่านบ้างไม่ได้หรือไง หรือว่านิยมแต่ชาติตะวันตก คนไทยฮิปฮอปได้หม๊ายยย โยว่

  18. Hey dragon! I ll come to Bangkok at the end of January and want to stay a few month. I stay in love with dnb music and wanted to ask you if you can tell me some location to listen to dnb music. greets from Germany


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