End of the world


Here’s the last podcast for 2012. On this show we get into some deep and dark bizniz. I guess you say its my soundtrack for the end of the world, or at least the sound of what is to come in 2013. Starting off the year we have Dubway sessions on January 12 with special guest DJ Mensah https://soundcloud.com/mensahanderson. To date this talented producer  has had big tunes released on Labels like Gutterfunk, Hench and Digital Sound boy.  I am more than honored to have him for our first boking in 2013. I also want to add that we will be hosting the event at a totally new venue. The first session for next year will be held at LSD on the second floor of Grease (yes that’s actually the name of the club) on sukhumvit soi 49. As strange as the name maybe the owners of this place have spared no expense in making the best venue for underground clubbing and I am sure this place is going to be very popular.  Check out more here on their page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Grease-Mon-Sat/493925337297432?ref=ts&fref=ts 

Lastly I just wanted to also say thanks so much for all your support in the year of the dragon, its been a great year and I hope to make next year even bigger and better for DUBWAY.

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track list

End of the world – Komonazmuk
Cluster – Innasekt
Feel it – Vivek
silverfish – kaiju
Apocrypha – Instinct and Thelem
Dawn of the replicants
apocrypha – instinct and thelem
dawn of the replicants – sleeper
trinity – vivek
culture – Jony
the divide – kryptic minds
Dualism – thelem and kilawatt
stand against war – digital mystiks
altogether lost (peverlist remix) – empty set
arcane – kryptic minds
Hardwork -interface and minus


Homebass Communications presents A year in Bass

I should have uploaded this ages ago but this is the recording from the Homebass Communications one year anniversary in 2001. Recorded live at Cafe Democ this special event played host to JB aka Dread Bass and Vocalist Dark Angel (Moby). The event was also broadcasted live on the Homebass show that took place live every saturday from 2000 t0 2005 on Fat 107 fm. The mix really shows how fast dnb music grew in Thailand since its beginning’s in 97. A lot of great memories really come from listening to this mix, I hope you can listen to it and get a better idea of what kind of sounds were being played during those days. Fast forward to present day and Dnb / bass music is huge is Thailand with many crews and collectives running tings’. Its really great to see that our hometown has so many good nights going on. In 2013 we also plan on the Dubway 6 year anniversary. Please stay tuned for news regarding that session.

check out the mix here:




The last dubway session for 2012


Flyer design by Thun Puchpen

Flyer design by Thun Puchpen


Ok so I guess everybody has heard of the december 21 2012 the day the Mayan calendar ends right? I’m sure there has been a slew of doomsday predictions in the past but what makes the Mayan prophecy so interesting is that many of the things they predicted came true! I always thought what would I do the few hours before the world is going to end. Yeah I know most of you would be with your family, I would too but I would definitely have one last dubplate session with the crew before it all go’s to shit. So for our dooms day farewell session we have Eshin and Trigon repesenting Profound Audio from the good ol’ U.S of A and I’m not talking about no wibbly wobbly bro step shite here either, I’m talking bout some proper dubwize sounds! To date these guys have been reppin’ the stateside scene with release’s from their own label. Rob Sparx, Propa tings, Mrk1 and Bytesize are just some of the artists on the label. The night will be held at Cafe Democ on Silom so make sure you go to the right one. Also on the line up will be Dragon, Jo stitch, Sinamon and The Wet Carpet VJs. Tickets will be 300 baht plus one drink. Last bass, last rewind and last rinse out before it all go’s boom!!!  Hope y’all can make it down for this one.

Heres some links if you wanna check out more on the artists: