Sabre at Dubway sessions

Big ups to all the crew who made it down to enjoy the vibes with us that night. Also big up to Nin@ DJ Center, mc sinamon, hiroo and Jo stitch


Kongkrete Bass podcast

Yo my homies over at just uploaded my latest podcast for their website. As you know DJ Wash and Electronic Mistress have been running the site since 2006. They’ve also been guests at the Dubway/homebass events as well. The tracks in this mix is the kind of vibe I’m into at the moment, not really too many wobblers but more of a deep/tribal/funky sound. I did this mix while I was sick as hell but it managed to turn out ok but I kinda aka’d myself as Sniffles lol. Check it out here:

heres the track list

1. Author – Teacher
2. Ena – Splinter
3. Pangea – Inna Daze
4. Zen Militia – Pull of guilt (Scuba rmx)
5. lumumba – Coltan
6. Pearson Sound – Blanked
7. Pangea – Hex
8. Roska – Error Code
9. Blawan – Bohla
10. Kilawat – Mantra
11. I.D and Skinnz – Most High
12. Skinnz – Keep it gutta
13. Sepalcure – Pencil Pimp
14. Makoto –  What Do You want
15. 808 state – Pacific State (DFRNT rmx)


I am really honored to have the mighty SABRE grace the decks on this second round of madness at DUBWAY Sessions. He’s been a favorite producer of mine since my dnb days and I’m so glad that he can come drop some beats this coming saturday. Known for his intelligent and sophisticated production style SABRE has produced a full spectrum of beats ranging from liquid rollers on Shogun audio, Techy bangers on Metalheadz and even stranger then strange experimental bizniz on Darkestral recordings. I’m really looking forward to his set since hes going to drop full range of shizzle. So its gonna be a journey into dub techno, garage and dnb and even a bit of that ewww “dubstep”.  Being eclectic is the kind of shit I’m hoping to steer DUBWAY towards.. pure quality dubwize sounds and not too much of that eww “D” word. I mean when a muther fucker ( who I will not name) wins 3 grammies for producing wobblers you know that shit has gone commercial! Either way SABRE is really on the forefront of cutting edge  underground bass music.  If you are in the Bangkok area and,  are willing to brave it out on our streets despite many embassies issuing a travel warning to Thailand,  please drop by to enjoy the vibes with us this saturday night.

Also if you’re not sure what the vibe in DUBWAY is like check out our first vid we posted on our vimeo channel here: