3 massive gigs and a podcast!

For this months podcast I selected tunes from Jamie xx, Ossie, Joker and rebel Mc. I know some peeps are expecting me just to play dubstep but I think from now on I’m going to keep things on the eclectic tip. If you’re checking out the show for the first time then I gotta warn you theres a bit of me chatting on the mic, I still love to host the podcast like a radio show. I hope its not too annoying for y’all. I also wanted to correct myself when I said the august edition of Giant swing is on the 22, its actually on the 20 of august. Gigs to watch out for this week are:

BKK evolution with Jiving Tribe saturday 23 at fish club

Phat Phunk 22 friday at Glow

The fit sound of Detroit saturday 23 at Glow

Last but not least download the July Podcast here:



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Big thanks to everyone for making it down to the last DUBWAY party. It was an honor to have two of my heroes RSD and Gapi Dub kitchen come to play for us that night. Also big ups to everyone that made it down that night. extra thanks go’s out to Sinamon and Hiroo, Nin @ DJ Center, Chris Bowden and Katharina. Check out the pictures from saturday night here:



Original artwork by Chris Bowden

One of the things I loved most about the early 90’s Jungle scene was the ragga. I always felt genres such as Jungle, dnb and now dubstep could fuse ragga lyrics together and not sound watered down. One such duo who are credited for championing the ragga jungle sound were More Rockers a production duo of Rob Smith and Peter D. Rose.

Another really cool genre of beats to come out in the 90’s was Trip Hop and like Jungle the genre was also able to marry the sounds of Dub reggae, Hip hop and Soul. Rob Smith the other half of More Rockers is also considered to be one of the originators of the trip hop sound. It was him and Ray Mighty that formed Smith and Mighty in the late 1980’s Bristol. To date they have released 3 ground breaking albums and a string of hit singles. They also have produced tracks for artists such as Fresh Four and Massive attack.

Fast forward to present day and Rob Smith is still very active in the underground music scene. Moving past the Jungle and trip hop vibes nowadays Rob Smith prefers to produce some of the heaviest bassbin smashing dubstep under the moniker RSD. To date he has released tracks on labels such as Black Box, Punch Drunk, R8, Ear Wax and Tectonic.

Another originator of beats and bass is none other then the legendary Gap T Bone. He is considered to be the Bob Marley of Thailand, well thats my opinion anyways. His band named T-Bone ( of course ) have been making music in the Kingdom since the mid 90’s. Go to any reggae festival in Thailand and you can best be sure that they are the headlining act. So good are him and his band that they have even been invited to play at Glastonbury in 2005 and 2007, Womad and Smiley festival. One of the side Projects of Gap T – Bone is Gapi Dub Kitchen. Unfortunately he’s had very little time to spend producing for his side project but what he did produce was a groundbreaking E.P

I am deeply honored to host a night with two very talented Producers. RSD aka Smight and Mighty and GAPI DUB KITCHEN aka Gap T Bone. Both are the Offspring of dub music but at the same time both represent a different style of DUB. RSD being completely on the DUBSTEP/REGGAE vibe and GAPI DUB KITCHEN will be Dubbin’ it up on the roots side of tingz. This the direction I want to take our DUBWAY PARTIES, I feel we need to educate all the massive about the beats in the past as well as show what is to come in the future. I hope all of you who are down with what we have been doing with the Thai Dub beats scene can come down and enjoy the vibes with us at Club Culture on July 9. Tickets are 400 baht at the door but entry is FREE BEFORE 11pm.

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