Dubway arena @ Culture one festival

Aite here it is y’all! After years and years of moaning and whining the good lord has finally answered my prayers and hooked Dubway up with our very own arena at the infamous Culture one Dance music festival. All tings are ready to drop this coming saturday. Our selectah’s for the night are DJ Seed, Masa, Orawan, Pichy, yours truly, Kik Crash and special Guest DJ Greg G (7even recordings France). We’ll also have our special limited edition tees for sale on that night so if you want some of that shizzle be sure to come and Join us. I’ll have more to say after the event is open so keep it locked on this blog aite !

* the dubway arena at the culture one festival turned out great. big ups to everyone that came down to party with us that night. Also big up DJ Masa, Seed, Pichy, Orawan, Greg G and Mc Sinamon.

check out the pictures here:



Club Triangle

I am very honored to have been invited to play at Club Triangle in Osaka Japan. I’ve played in Japan a few times but I’ve never been to any other city then Tokyo and in contrast to that city’s workaholic lifestyle  Osaka’s  inhabitants are so much more laid back. Right in the heart of Osaka’s downtown district is Club Triangle. This 3 floor venue blasts everything from underground to hip hop to drum n bass on its massive sound system. DJ wise selectah’s such as Rebel Mc, DJ Zinc and Laurent Garnier have graced the club’s decks. DJ Toyo – Club Triangle’s manager booked me to play on Friday night and even though the crowd was a lot different  than what I am used to (it was a house/techno night) I still am very honored to have been invited by Toyo to represent Thailand and the Dubway crew over in Osaka. I reckon a lot of the stuff that I play nowadays isn’t that much dub step and more on the garage tip, it certainly did go down well with the ravers inside the club on that night. To top that I was joined by an army of my close friends, many of whom I met in Bangkok ages ago. We all got niced up on the two free bottles of Jack Daniels that Toyo kindly supplied us with. If y’all want to see the madness  I uploaded some pictures on my facebook so please feel free to check out what went down on the frosty February night 🙂 I also want to big up DJ Hiroo (oyampan), Quotaroo, Mami and Nobu, Fum and Ken, Naru and Fumi, Hiro, DJ Toyo,  DJ Tuttle,  Fat Boy,  Galaxy Gallery Crew and all the wonderfull peeps I met in Osaka. BIG UPS TO Y’ALL!

Here’s a link to the pictures from that night:


Also my Thai/Jap expat friends who run DUDE mag just uploaded this Japanese version of my interview. Big ups to Ken and all crew at DUDE MAG 🙂


Club Triangle’s website: