Dubway presents Doshy

Homebass Communications and Dubway Presents The Antidote world Tour Featuring DOSHY (Planet MU, Tigerbeat, Robo Neotech recordings) Live at Club Culture December 3 2010. Get ready for a night of the freakiest Glitched out beats from Berlins Dubplate champion Doshy! Also going down for this night is Secret wars, an Epic graffiti battle between Monorex Crew and The Dubway crew Artists. Tickets are 300 baht a the door (include one… drink).

Heres the full Line up

Special Guest:

DOSHY (Robo Neotech berlin)

Supported by:


Hosted by MC SINAMON


Graffiti battle on canvas with MONOREX (uk) vs DUBWAY artists (Thailand)

BKK hold tight!! Something very special is about to go down on this night!! As well as having The usual Dubway bizness – we will also be hosting a SECRET WARS live battle!!


2 large white canvas – BLACK paint only – 90 mins on the clock – Best design wins!!

Check out what its all about on the Youtube link >>> http://www.youtube.com/monorex#p/a/u/0/dfrqtauAogA

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Doshy is one of the most promising producers in the post-dubstep scene. Making a delicious mix of dubstep, wobble tech, 8-bit, lazer bass, and synth spazz, from his secret lab in Berlin, his tracks and remixes with hyper-intellectual arpeggio synths, nodding playful beats and catchy melodies, are found on numerous releases by labels such as Tiger Bass,Tigerbeat6, Planet Mu, Robox Neotech or Destpub and in DJ sets from artists like Starkey or Jamie Vex’d.


Dubway fest

Hey boys and Girls check out whats happening this Saturday at Club Culture. Dubway Fest is going to be a mini music festival thats gonna bring you 3 floors of different bassline flavors. Starting with the first floor is none other then the legendary Utah Jazz and Japan’s infamous DJ Aki. Second floor is a full on Dubstep soundclash with DJ Seed, DJ Hiro and special guest DJ Wash (kongkrete bass). The 3rd floor will be Electro breaks with Bangkok’s beloved beatitude crew. TIckets are 4oo baht at the door include one drink. I hope y’all can make it down this weekend. I’ll post up more pictures later on.

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Shanghai Trip

To date Shanghai is the asian City that I  visit  most frequently. In fact Just last year I was invited to play at the Shelter. The first time playing at that club was Awesome and to date I consider the Shelter is my one of my favorite clubs in Asia. This year I was lucky enough to have been invited again  by Subculture resident DJ Drunk Monk.  The only thing  different from last time was that this event would see Myself, Jo stitch, Mc Sinamon, Pakorn and Napat heading over to Shanghai to Jam with the Subculture crew. Most times I ‘ve DJ’d overseas I would have to go by myself but this time It was great to be able to head to Shanghai with all of my crew. We landed in Shanghai on Thursday night and after we checked in to our rooms we all went out for a night of serious boozing. Big ups to Gaz for supplying us with all those Tiger beers and Jager shots!! We pretty much did the same thing on Friday night but didn’t  go all out since we had to save our energy for the big night on Saturday. I had to admit that I was still quite tired when Saturday came. I took a nap before the party and woke up around 8. I met up with everyone at the Club and made it in time to hear DJ DJI get on the dekcs. After it was DJ Drunk Monk setting things straight with a solid hour of some of the deepest dubstep sounds I’ve heard in ages.  Then it was time for Jo Stitch to heat  up the venue with some serious hard hitting dnb and lemme tell ya the crowd went banana’s to his set! To be honest I think he deserved every last bit of applause 🙂 Jo’s  come a long way and has worked with me for many years now and I’m glad to see him have such a wonderful time that night at the club. I got on the decks at 2:30 and by that time a few peeps were a bit worn out from Jo’s beats so it did take a while for me to get things going again. I think this time I played it was more difficult to get the crowd hyped then the last time I played in 2009. I’m certainly not really into the wobbly bass as much as I used to be. Never the less it was all good and most important I had a great time! While me and Jo were spinning our tracks Sinamon would Jam on the mic with MC CHacha and Esia from the Subculture crew, all the while Pakorn was in the back of the DJ booth creating some wicked Graf on canvas. That whole night the venue was rammed right til the end and everyone left the club happy. Since saturday night me and the whole crew have been partying like mad. I ‘ve just gotten back yesterday and I ‘m knackered! The whole event was a complete success and both the Dubway crew and I were very honored to have been invited to play at the Shelter. Big ups to DJ Drunk Monk and all the SubCulture Crew for being such a wonderful host’s and I hope to see y’all back to play next year at Dubway.
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Subculture vs Dubway

I’m heading to Shanghai this weekend to partake in a sound clash of gigantic proportions. Dubway vs Subculture will see our crew going head to head with the cities dopest selectah’s. Let me tell ya DJ Drunk Monks crew consists of some seriously talented DJ’s and MC’s. I had  blast hanging out with them last time and I can’t wait to see them again this weekend. I’ll give y’all the low down on everything when I get back next monday 🙂

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