Get Sorted before Dubway

Once again I apologize for being a lazy mofo and not posting anything lately. But before you read on with the rest of this post I just want to congratulate DJ Jedie and Paranormal for rocking it at the Thai DMC Finals last night. Its great to see that Thailand is now ready to represent at the world DMC championships in the U.K. Its such a shame though that DMC team finanlists Paranormal won’t be making it to the U.K because the freakin Embassy in Bangkok denied their visa application…what a bunch of  fuckin’ haters!!

Ok now please let me tell y’all that I’ve got two gigs coming up tonight and tomorow. For tonight’s event I’ve taken a bit of a different approach because the music format is neither dubstep or dnb. Yes I know most of you who are reading this will be a bit confused and might be wondering whats going on? Well apart from dubstep and dnb  I’m also a huge fan of underground hip hop. I got my start in the biz as a hip hop DJ but since 97 I’ve had to focus my time and attention to dnb (now dubstep). Although I am a Dubstep DJ I still collect hip hop/funk/jazz/breaks and every once in a while some one would invite me to drop a hip hop set. Its gotten to the point where I ‘ve got tons of records that I want to play and never got a chance. So now I’ve created my an outlet where peeps can come check out some of the funkiest beats from the past and present. The first SORTED session took place a few months ago and it went by very well. Not only did I play hip hop but dropped other styles of music like old school hip hop,jazz, sou,l funk, breaks and even a bit of deep house. Tonights session I ‘ll have DJ Daddy G (Preduce) and DJ TORU as my guests. Both DJ’s  play awsome funk and hip hop so I ‘m very excited to hear what they ‘ve got in their crate. This event will be taking place tonight (oct/15) at Cafe Democ (free entry) and so if your in the area please stop by.

heres a sample of whats gonna go down at SORTED:

So now please let me give you the D.L on saturdays event. On Saturday night we will be having our Dubway session at the new Club Culture. Some of you might have heard that we canceled last months event because of our very close friend passing away. Well this month we’re back stronger then ever! Included in this months Line up is very well respected very talented DJ Oum. He’s been in the scene for a long time now and until recently has been getting really into Dubstep. Oum usually plays minimal techno at his Glitch Organization events. This time round he’ll be headlining Dubway and we’re all very excited about what beats he’s gonna drop on saturday night. Unfortunately we did not create a flyer for this months event. To be honest there have been so many things I’ve been stressed out about for the past month…hit me up on skype if you want details heheh. The other good news is that in November we’ll be organizing a huge Dubway festival at Club Culture so please stay tuned for further updates. Last but not least the cover charge for tomorrow nights event will be 300 baht at the door(include one drink). I hope y’all will have time to join me at either Cafe Democ or at Club Culture. Hope to see you at the party 🙂

and of course we can’t forget about DUBWAY:


New podcast uploaded

Wow I can’t believe it is already October! It feels almost like yesterday when I was writing my first post’s of 2010. Currently Bangkok city has one month left of wet dismal monsoon weather. So the podcast I finished recording is a reflection of the dark grey clouds that I can see hovering above the city. The first half of the mix starts with some deep dark rollers with tracks from Innasect, Subdivision, and V.I.V.E.K. The second half of the podcast is more on a deep funky tip and features tracks from Helixir, Reso and Lewis B. The last song I played is a song by Otis Gayle. This track was a favorite of my friend Paulo aka DJ Daddy P-lo and it was the last song he uploaded on his blog. You can check it out for yourself here : This podcast is also dedicated to Daddy P-lo. My thoughts and prayers go out to him and his familly.

Please have a listen to the music and if possible leave me a comment.

heres the link:

heres the tracklist:

1 apocolypto – subdivision
2 innasect – cluster
3 vivek – feel it
4 dj g – pressure
5 appleblim and peverlist – circling
6 digital mystiks – eyes
7 skream – rottan
8 helixir – quiet storm
9 lewis b- rhodesalicious
10 chesus x diverse products – c.r.s.t
11 hitman – love to strong
12 reso – hemisphere
13 jon hopkins – vessel (four tet remix)
14 otis gayle – I’ll be around