Thanks everyone

Big ups to everyone that made it to our very first Dubway Session at the New Club Culture. I honestly think that the new venue is dope! The place really reminds of an illegal warehouse rave..its just an underground space for underground music lovers!!  Also big ups to Jo Stitch and Mc Sinamon for rocking the crowd til the A.M.  I hope to see everyone there again next month on September 25 (DJ’s TBC).

If you want to check out the pictures from the last party then go to this link:


Dubway session at the new Club Culture

Well this year has certainly been a year full of surprises because, since the beginning of the year the Dubway events have had to move from one club to another. As you know the old Club Culture has closed and only to re surface again at a new location. From my perspective I thought we would have never been asked by Club Culture to go back and host our Dubway nights at there, especially since the new club is trying to stick to a strictly house music and electro policy. Well lo and behold the management have invited us back to rock beats at there brand spankin’ new club. The venue is as underground as your gonna get it Bangkok. The place looks like a townhouse that some kids broke into and organized an illegal rave. This months session will be just Jo Stitch, myself and Mc Sinamon tearin’ shit up from 10 pm to 2am ( or whenever the cops come). Its going to be crazy fun because I haven’t had a full on 2 hour session in a long time , plus it would be an honor for me to pop the clubs bass bin’s cherry. Tickets are 300 baht at the door but the event is free before 11pm. For those of you who didn’t get a chance to cop a dope Tee at the other events you can rest assured that they will be on sale there. I hope every one can make it down there on August Friday the 20th. To be honest I ‘m dying to get super drunk and play some dope ass beats.. hope y’all feel like joining me 🙂

for directions to the club check out there website

check out my latest dub plate getting cut for this friday *big ups to Greg G for the tune!!!

Check out the pictures from the last DUBWAY Workshop at Vic Hua Hin

Sorry for taking so long to post this up but last weeks workshop were a success! I know for most of you who read this probably wonder why we even did such a thing in the first place? Well to put it simply – MTV ain’t teaching your kids shit so we’ve taken it as our responsibility to do so. The workshops that day focused on Beat mixing, Graffiti, Graphic design, Electronic music production and Dub music history. Much love go’s out to our teachers Pakorn, T Puchpen, Space 360, Seed Norasate and the Legendary Gap T-bone. I hope we helped broaden the minds of the many thai youths that attended. Also much thanks to Vic Hua Hin and Patravadi High School for letting us set up camp there. Last but not least Big ups to Coffee works and Chef Hiroshi for working so hard to make our food and refreshments. I must admit though If there was anything I learned from this experience it is to not ever try to teach a class in Thai at 10 in the morning… my brain just does not work that early.

check out the pics from the workshops here: