May Dubway session Cancelled

This month has seen some very tragic events happening in Bangkok Thailand. Because of protests and riots many business’ and homes have been looted and destroyed. Most importantly many innocent lives have been lost because of all of this chaos. As a sign of respect to all that have suffered from these horrendous events Homebass Communications and Dubway will cancel this months Dubway session. We hope that love, peace and unity will once again reign supreme in the kingdom of Thailand.

Peace and respect



Hua hin reggae festival 2010

I know I’m late with this post but all I have to say is sorry I’ve been sitting on my fat ass watching tv and eating Mos Burger all week. Well I said on my last post that the day after Dubway was the day for the festival in Hua hin. I also said that after Dubway me and the crew partied til the break of dawn which turned out to be a fucking bad idea because we had to leave for hua hin quite early the next day. Waking up was a bit of task also there was so much traffic on the way to hua hin and getting there took us five hours. By the time we arrived in Hua hin town it was already 6:30 which was just in the nick of time because Drunk monk and Cha Cha were due to perform at 7pm. Apart from the Shanghai crew the DJ stage also saw sets by DJ Orawan, DJ Seed, King Kapisi, DJ Mod and Reggae in Thailand sound system. Unfortunately this year the stage was all the way down at the opposite end of the beach and We had to carry our record bags on our heads as we marched through knee deep water and through crowds of drunk/stoned reggae fans. It was complete chaos but I think Drunk Monk and Cha Cha were loving every minute of it. After dropping off the two I was then able to head back to the crib and get some rest, which was a good idea since I had very little sleep the night before. By the time  I woke up at 9 and decided to take a different route to the DJ stage. This time it was going to be by boat. Some of the local fisherman were accepting a small fee for a ride to the festival sight, and it was such a good idea since walking meant carrying a box full of records and walking for over 30 minutes to get to the festival area. I was scheduled to play around 11:30 and by the time I got on peeps were stumbling around the area drunk as fuck! I still had a great time though, and this year I got to play almost two hours where as last year my set got cut short because of the tide. It was great fun hanging out with all the crew and I hope that next year I get a chance to play there again. If your ever going to visit Thailand I do recomend you checking out Hua Hin. Once again thanks to DJ Seed and all the reggae festival crew, see y’all again next year 🙂

check out the rest of the pictures from the festival here:


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Homebass Communications on ubradio new upload

Check out my new upload on sound cloud. Its a recording of my internet radio show on This month show features everything from from Greg G’s 7recordings, Demokracy from Siberia, unreleased bizzle from Goth Trad and also dub’s of Mc Cha Cha’s tracks. Please give it a listen and if you can please leave me a comment.

download here:

Homebass Communications on ubradio

The dubsteppers that could vs the little big gay club and the DJs that should work there but don’t

Since its early beginnings Dubway has moved numerous times from one location to another. We started off at Escudo then ended up in Club Culture, from then on we moved to 808, then Box club and since last Friday back to 808 again. I think I might have mentioned this to you guys a few posts back. Well ok let me refresh your memory. Starting off for the 2010 season we hosted the first two Dubway sessions at 808, the first was with DJ Instinct, the second was with Sweden’s All Out Dubstep crew. Although music at those two gigs was nothing less then spectacular on the other hand the turn out wasn’t good enough to impress 808’s owners, but kind as they are they left us with one last choice and that was to move next door to what was then called Box Club. The move turned out to be a blessing in disguise, when we had the third Dubway session with Greg G. It turned out that  the clubs small and cozy atmostphere worked  well with its super heavy sound system and on the night of March 20 we had an awesome party. After that night I thought to myself could this be a new home for Dubway? Well maybe not L because as it turns out that the owners of 808 sold its smaller sister club to a some gay dudes who in turn changed a Box of heavy dub club into a big old gay San fran disco. Well I don’t have anything against dudes who like other dudes and even for a second there I thought we were going to be able to keep our monthly party at that venue.  Well as it turned out on April 30 the Dubway crew turned up at San fran disco to set up all our gear. The manager was very surprised to see us  and had no idea what we were doing there. He later told us that the new owners of San frandisco insist on keeping their clientele strictly gay. That means absolutely no women of straight dudes allowed and that meant no Dubway session!  So the only last minute option available was to head back to good old 808 and hold our Dubway session there.

The line up for that night was Daddy P-lo, Nannue Tiptier, Jo Stitch, Drunk Monk and Mc Cha Cha. The night started off very few people in the club and for some time there I was starting to think that this night would be another piss poor attempt on trying to fill up 808’s humungous dancefloor with dub heads. Surprisingly on this very rare occasion the universe decided to show me the fruits of my hard work and perseverance because once the clock struck 12:30 Drunk Monk and Cha Cha took to the decks. Like magic when their beats started rolling the bass heads all came out of there murky sub caverns and turned what was then a desolate and haunted dancehall turned into a frenzy of jungalists soldiers, techno freaks, house peeps and of course dub steppers. This all felt like a breath of fresh air. Finally we got a serious crowd at 808. Although joyous times indeed, the universe once again has shown me and the Dubway crew that where there is happiness one will find misery. It first started off with one of the resident DJ’s at 808 coming to do his gig and finding out that a bunch of dubstep misfits has now changed his trance night into a straight up bass heavy b-line session. He quickly mentioned to me why not mix in a few happy house tunes or a few trancey numbers to get the crowd hyped! Well I thought his idea was good except for the fact that all the peeps in the venue were there for dubstep and not club trance! Plus it was the managements problem not telling me about the situation at San Fran Disco so moving to 808 was completely not my idea. The management and the resident DJ’s of 808 were cool enough to let us have our party til 2am … mind you by that time the peeps were going off to our beats all the while the residents thought that these peeps were there to listen to club trance………..Well you know what they say “ignorance is bliss”

Well in the end we all got kicked off the decks around 2 am and I think they kept the club running til 5 in the morning with club Trance and electro. I don’t know who stayed on after wards but me and the Dubway crew all went back home for some serious after party action hehehe. In all I do have to say that I was very happy with the turnout for the night, also both myself and the Dubway  crew were all impressed with Drunk Monk and Cha Cha’s performance. Also Daddy P-lo, Nannue Tiptier and Jo Stitch played massive sets for that night and of our bad bwoy graphics guy T. Puchpen did a dope live painting show as well- Big ups to all of  them fo sho’. Also big ups to 808 management to let us have our event at there club. Last but not least big ups to all the dub heads that came down to show their support.. we couldnt have made it with out y’all.  Well I got to finally finish this post regarding Dubway on April 30, stay tuned for the next post on Hua Hin Reggae fesival.

I had to add this link…it’ll give you an idea of what go’s on in a electro or club trance night