DJ Drunk Monk and MC Cha Cha at Dubway April 30

Hey everyone hope y’all been good since reading my last post. Well I’m glad to announce that April 30 will be the date for our next DUBWAY party. Its still going to be held at the same location but, once again bad luck has reared its ugly head! I’m not talking about moving the night to a different club or anything being canceled, its just that the owners suddenly decided to change the club name from Box club to oh god …….Sanfrandisco………………… yeah yeah I know, I guess because of the current economic crisis the club owners are a trying to make some money and are going to try to cash in on having the only gay club in Royal city avenue. But you don’t worry though as it’ll still have independent promoters organizing there own  nights on the weekends but,  on the off days  days I guess it’ll be tooty fruity as ever!

Ok well back in 09 I got the chance to play at one of the most amazing clubs ever, The Shelter in Shanghai. Everybody from Goldie, Pinch, Goth Trad, DJ Baku, MC Rumi, DJ Zinc and of course yours truly hehe has graced the decks in the converted world war II bunker. As a gesture of good will I have invited the owner (who is also a dj) to come and drop some mad dubstep wobble flavor’s in Bangkok.  Headlining are DJ Drunk Monk and MC Cha Cha. Besides running one of the dopest night clubs in Shanghai the duo also promote the biggest reggae events in the city called Uprooted Sunshine. On the artistic tip Cha Cha has recorded tracks for Hyperdub’s experimental artist The Space ape, and just recently she has recorded  with Reggae legend Clive Chin. Its really going to be an honor for me to have Drunk Monk and Cha Cha rock Dubways Dancefloor on April 30 as this will be a great warm up for the Hua hin reggae festival the next night on May 1.

Lastly Dubway T shirts are now available as pre order. So if you liked the design from last months or this months flyer you can contact me via email and let me know what design you would like and your size. Shirts are 300 baht each and you can pick them up at the part on April 30.

heres the full line up:

Nannue Tiptier (dub techno set)

Jo Stitch


Hosted by MC Sinamon

Tickets are 300 baht at the door. Free before 11pm

For more info on Drunk Monk and Mc Cha Cha check out there myspace

Click on the link below to check out MC Cha Cha’s collaboration with Kode 9 and Space ape