All out dubstep crew Live at Dubway

I’m very happy to announce that DJ Systematic and DJ IRK from the All out Dubstep crew will be our guests at the second DUBWAY session at club 808. The two are responsible for holding down the biggest dubstep events in Sweden. They have also branched out and are now releasing tracks under there own label called ALL OUT DUBSTEP, the first two releases saw L Wiz throwing down some of his best material to date. This is going to be a sick night and once again we ‘re going get a glimpse of what kind of riddim’s peeps are brocking out to over in Scandinavia. I also want to mention that this event is free before 11pm so if your feeling like the economic crisis has put a strain on your cash flow then please come down early.

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Kao san electronic music festival 2010

Ok well I didn’t get to throw down at Culture one Festival this year, but as it has turned the organizers at Kao san electronic music fest want me to throw down in there dnb/dubstep room. I am so totally stoked by all this! I have a bag full of dub plates and  I ‘m hoping that peeps will enjoy what  I play on  that night. If your thinking about heading down to KEMF don’t expect it to be a big budget rave like Culture One. Instead expect the venue to be dark and grimey.. just the venue and location itself is very underground, with  an outside area for the main stage and two other back rooms, I ‘ve even heard that the dnb and dubstep room doesn’t even have air conditioning – now how grimey is that!! Another great thing about this rave is that the line up consists of all local DJs.. well theres one guy from Norway but apart from that guy every one else is a Bangkok native.  There will be three rooms of music. The main room will be house, second room trance and third room dubstep and dnb. This party is going down on February 20 and tickets are only 200 baht at the door includes one drink.