Dubway anniversary

Sorry as usual I am so very late posting up these pics of the anniversary party for Dubway. The night went by very well only except for the fact that the club owners completely ignored and never fixed there blown sub woofers before the party. So yeah I was a bit gutted but other then that the vibe was great and a ton of peeps showed up.

much love to Goth Trad, DJ Oum, Jo Stitch, Maz, Mc sinamon. also big shouts to all the peeps who came to our event. We’ve shown the haters that  Dubstep is here to stay in Thailand!

dubway one year anniversary

see the rest of the pix from the party at my flickr profile http://www.flickr.com/people/mongkorn/


Kongkrete bass podcast

My friends over at Kongkrete Bass Hong kong were kind enough to ask me to make a special dub step mix for there podcast. So far there podcast show has had thousands of downloads. Guests such as Aquatic lab, Goth Trad, Don Goliath and Kid Fresh have dropped exclusive vip mixes for the site. I am very honored and happy to have also been asked to contribute a mix to kongkrete bass . If  you want to check out more of what the Kongkrete Bass crew (dj wash, electronic mistress) are up to visit there site at


 Also much thanks to Broox, Jpath, Youthman, DJ wash and Electronic mistress for hooking me up with all the funky fresh dub plates.

September radio show schedule

Heres my show schedule for dub be good to you on GTRonkline  september 2009

september 1   9pm to 12midnight

dub be good to you

september 8   9pm to 12 midnight

Dub be good to you

setpember 15  9pm to 12 midnight

Dub be good to you

september 22   9pm to 12 midnight

dub be good to you

september 29   9pm to 12 midnight

Dub be good to you (monthly top ten)

Check out my shows every tuesday nights at www.gtronline.in.th