Full Moon drum n bass at Cafe Democ

Jiving tribe full moon dnb

Sorry but I should have added this post ages ago. Jiving Tribe are one of bangkok’s up and coming dnb crews and, so far they have residencies in Koh Phangan and also at Cafe Democ. I have been lucky enough to have been invited to play at there Full Moon dnb event at Cafe Democ. I am honored and also very excited about playing there tonight. Cafe Democ is considered to be the starting place for many local thai DJ’s such as myself. It is also the spot where the thai youth were first exposed to dnb. After awhile there wasn’t much going on at that club and at one point we all thought that it was going to go under. To everyone’s amazement the club still has survived to this very day and is now going through a revival. Another great thing about the club is that its always free to get it and all you need is your I.D. The vibe at this club as always very underground so don’t worry about any yuppie posers there or hi so farang looking for a some hoe’s to shag.  So please come and support the local thai dnb scene and also please come and enjoy the vibes with us tonight.

heres a link to Cafe Democ and also Jiving Tribe



heres the line up for tonight







GTR online show schedule

Some of you guys have been wondering what days and what time my show is on GTR online. Just a quick reminder, the first monday of every month is for My show called Diggin’ in the crates. After that every tuesday night 10 pm to 1 am is the time for Dub be good to you. You can now go directly to the GTR online site at http://www.gtronline.com

Heres my show schedule for august 2009

august 3 10pm to 1 am

digging in the crates

august 11 10pm to 1am

Dub be good to you

august 18 10 pm to 1am

Dub be good to you

august 25 10pm to 1 am

Dub be good to you (monthly top ten)

Parts of speech

Parts of speech

Part of speech was a live poetry event planned and organise by local artist Jonny Votek. The event took place at Cosmic Cafe in block c RCA. That night saw both local and foreign poets recited there own peices. Others dropped some freestyle on the spot poetry. On the  decks was DJ Maft Sai from Zudrangma records. I was also invited to spin some eclectic beats as well. I was suprised to see so many peeps show up and hang out on a tuesday night. Much respect to Jonny for making this event happen. I ‘ll post up some more pix later.

Don’t be afraid of diggin’

Yes yes every first monday of the month is my show Diggin’ in the crates on GTR online. For those of you who have just tuned in for the first time don’t worry the dubwise beats will be back every other tuesday 10 pm to 1 am (bkk time). The monday show covers everything from soul, jazz, hip hop, funk, house, rock, and pop….basicaly what ever i find buried in my crates of vinyl. Each month I always go into some different shit, so theres alot of variety. I don’t always listen to dubstep and dnb ya know! Please feel free to check out Dub be good to you – next week on tuesday. Anyways thanks for listening and showing your support.

Dubway Session 9 aftermath

Much respect to everyone who came to dubway session 9. The night had a great turn out and the vibes were excellent. I’ m glad to see the crowd getting  down  to the new dubplates I got from DJ Wash and Youthman.  Shouts to Jiving Tribe for warming tings up at the start of the night. Also shouts to Ajon for the trippy visuals. I hope to see everyone again at the Dubway one year anniversary in august 9.

July top ten

Heres my top ten list for July 2009.

Artist             Title         label

1 Physical – freeze – verilo recordings

2 Fortune cookie – queen of the jungle ( J path remix )- dub

3 Broox – super crunchy – dub

4 Don Goliath – Mrs U (electronic mistress remix)

5 DJ Madd – better with you – boka records

6 Quest and Mutiny – stick up kid – functional

7 Ray Keith featuring top cat – never know what you got til its gone – white label

8 DJ friction and Ktee – bleeps – shogun audio

9 Ramadanman and Appleblim- justify  – applepips

10 Truth – Revelation – Aquatic lab

DUBWAY one year anniversary with special guest GOTH TRAD

Dubway flyerdubway flyer

We’ve finally made it through a full year of dubstep in Thailand. So to celebrate this special occasion, we are having the anniversary party on august 29 at Club Culture. This time our special guest is  GOTH TRAD ( Deep Medi, Planet MU). The line up also includes DJ Jo Stitch, MAZ, MC SInamon and making his dubstep debut is DJ Oum (bed supperclub, rehab). Tickets are 4oo baht at the door plus one drink. Unfortunately I won’t be giving any guest list on this months sesssion. But the good news is that this event is free before 11 pm. I really hope everyone can make it down there.