For Dubway 9 guest list please leave your name and email here

This is the guest list for dubway 9. Leave your email and name on the comments section of this post. I’ve got ten pairs to give away so first come first swerve.

นี่เป็นรายชื่อเกสต์ลิสต์ Dubway 9 ใส่อีเมล์และชื่อไว้ในช่องคอมเมนต์ของข่าวนี้ ผมมีตั๋วจะแจกให้คนละ 2 ใบ 5 คน  มาก่อนได้ก่อนนะครับ


Dubway 9

dub way 9

heres the line up for Dubway sesson 9 at club culture july 31


Jo Stitch

DJ Goo


visuals by Ajon

Hosted by MC Sinamon

300 baht at the door includes one drink. Hope to see all you guys there

Digging in the crates on GTRonline

The first monday of every month is the day for my montly radio show called Digging in the crates on  GTRonline. As the name suggests the show is themed around all the classic old school tracks that I can dig up from my record crates.  Every thing from hip hop to house and jungle is played on my show.  If anyone wants to check it out please feel free to go to

The show starts from 10 pm Bangkok time and ends at 1 am. Tonights show I will be mixing a full hour of jungle dnb.

TRUTH live in Bangkok

TRUTH in da house

We ‘ve just finished the Dubway 8 party at club culture I still feel a bit queezy from all the subsonic bass frequencies. Our guest selectah fro the night was Andre from TRUTH. The rest of the crew were still held back in New Zealand and were not able to join the Dubway night in bangkok. Still Andre played some of the sickest most up front dub step smashers. I can’t wait til the new TRUTH tunes are released on wax, because from what I heard that night theres gonna be some ill ass shit going down in their future releases. Also warming up for Truth were DJ’s Pichy and Paulie. The two dropped a sick as hell 4 turntable and 2 mixers drum n bass b2b set. Unfortunately we didn’t get as many people for that night as expected. The great thing about the party was that everyone was up for it and going off to the music.

Ups to TRUTH, Paulie, Pichy and of course all the bass heads that came to the party that night!

the selectah's

June top ten list

Heres my top ten for june. This all the music that gets the best response on my radio show and also its what I’m playing at the clubs.

1 Droid sector – bi polar – Ascension

2 Matt U – peyote – S.C.U.M

3 Scuba – klinik – hotflush

4 Spectrasoul – Taken (ramadanman rmx) – Critical

5 DJ Wash – La femme Dub – dub

6 Fast Eddy – Yo yo get funky (Crissy Cris rmx) – Giant Pussy

7 Harmonic 313 – Battle star – Warp

8 Herve – Baseball bat (high rankin rmx) – cheap thrills

9 Tes la rock – Wa do dem – Sulution dubs

10 Ramadanman – Revenue