Dubway session 8

dub way 8

dub way 8

I am very happy to announce that our guest selectah for DUBWAY 8 will be Truth (deep medi, aquatic labs ). The trio were signed to Mala’s Deep Medi recordings label last year. There first release on the label titled the Fatman has already been kaned by some of the biggest names in Dubstep. Besides that they have tracks coming out on Skream’s label Disfigured Dubs, AquaticLabs and Optimus Grime. Bangkok will be there first gig in asia before they kick off there european tour this summer. Truth will be a our 4th international guest this year and I hope that the party go’s off with a bang! Also booked for the night are DJ’s Pichy and Paulie. I know it sounds like there related or something haha but in reality they are very prominent figures in the thai dnb scene. Pichy is the only female dnb selectah in bangkok and to date she has played along side the likes of Storm, DJ Fresh, Shimon and Logistics. Paulie has been in the bkk scene since its early days at Club Deeper. Playing everything from bassline house to breaks and drum n bass Paulie is considered by many locals as a crowd favourite. Both Paulie and Pichy will be dropping a four decks two mixers b2b dnb set. I also gotta mention that once again we have T.Puchpen designing our flyers. He will be dropping two more gems for us in July and August. I  can’t wait to see what hes going to do for the next  flyer. I ‘m hoping to see everyone there at Club Culture on June 26. Watch this space for guest list but if you wanna support the scene then go ahead and buy a ticket at the door for 300 baht, but hey at least you get a free drink with it!

more info on Truth just check out there myspace



Dubway 7 the aftermath

Nowadays Bangkoks monsoon season is coming earlier and earlier every year. For some people rain is a blessing as it makes the Bangkok weather a bit more tolerable. For some people such as Party Promoters, rain can be seen as an enemy. Obviously it is because of rain that many peoples choose to stay at home on a saturday night. The past few weeks it has been pissing rain and to be honest I was hanging by the seat of my pants hoping that it would not rain on the day of Dubway session 7 with DJ Wash and Electronic Mistress from Hong Kong. Though my prayers would go un answered as it did  rain on saturday! But we were fortunate enough to have very light rain during the afternoon  and not in the evening. So I am very happy that the rain came as a blessing in disguise. I was also  suprised to see many people make there way to the club at 10 pm, which for Thai peeps that is a very early time to be in a club. The first guest that we had the night was the Sound Element Posse. I’ve known those guy’s since way back in the early 90’s and they are very close friends of mine. Besides being my best friends they are also  the only Nu school breaks crew in Thailand. They’ve been repping hard with organizing there parties. Guests that have played at there events include Dub Pistols, Krafty Kuts and Stanton Warriors. DJ Coww and DJ Dawn Dusk threw down the tightest 4 decks 2 mixers set I ‘ve heard in ages. I’m really glad to have them on board for this session and much props go’s out to them. Next up to the decks was Electronic Mistress. I was suprised when she told me  that she has been DJing for only a year! Still she was a crowd favorite! Double drops and big bad bass lines were definitely the vibes that went down during her hour long set. Next up to bat was the Kong Krete bass bad boy DJ Wash. I met wash a few years back when he came to bangkok to  playe at our asia bass party. Wash is a man of many talents, not only is he a wicked dj  but he is also a superb dubstep/dnb producer. On top of all of that he promotes and organizes some of the wildest club nights in Hong Kong. Wash’s set was total bad ass as well, he blended dubstep and dnb together with such ease and finesse, the crowd was loving every bit of it! I am very happy to say that Dubway 7 has gone down in Thai clubbing history. I ‘m hoping that every party from now on carries on with this same vibe. Either way it couldn’t have happened with the love and support of all the bass headz who came to party with us that night!

big ups to wash, electronic mistress, Sound element crew, sinamon, jo stitch, reset vj’s,maz, dj seet, p kaew, gtr fam, and all of the bass line massive that were there to party with us.