May top ten list

Once again its time for my monthly top ten and just to let y all know my list is by no way dictated by records sales or any other political bullshit. I make my top ten on what gets best reaction from my crowd and what also is bumped most in my ride. This months top ten covers everything from drum n bass music  from around south east asia, uk dubstep and of even a bit of uk house flava.

artist                                                title                                                                  Label

1   Caspa  – everybodies talking no one is listening LP – Fabric

This release needs needs no introduction as it is already huge amongst the wobbly bassline massive. The LP release is 6 tracks strong, it also features some super duper heavy weight collaborations with D1, Dynamite MC and Beezy. This release is a must buy for any bass head!

2  Javabass – Homegrown compilation – Javabass

South Asian underground music is still has a while to fully develop and mature, but hey we’ve only been doing this for a very short time so who can blame us! I’ve met the Java bass crew many years ago and with time there tunes have developed and matured into fine works of sonic art. The Homegrown compilation has proved that Indonesia is at the top of there beat making game all that’s waiting now is for them to unleash there music to the rest of the world.

3  Jakes – In the place to be – Hench

This wobbly bass monster released on Jake’s own Hench recordings. This track is originally featured as a b side track, but for some strange reason I am completely in love with this tune. I reckon it should be good to drop this during peak hours or a room full of starry eyed ravers haha. Mental!

4  Serial Killaz – Mash u Down – Ganja records

Good to see one of my favourite labels spring back into action again. This release sees Serial Killaz pumping out some pure dubwise/dancehall vibes. Nice tunes for the ladies and the rude bwoyz as well. I ‘ve been dropping this all the time on my radio show.

5  DJ Wash – Reverse swing – Dub

Wicked dubstep from the kongkrete bass badboy DJ Wash. Once again this tune proves that south east asia is on its way up! More tunes from Wash coming soon.

6  Rogues state – Opportunity – Argon

Wicked collabo with one my fav producers (Rogue state) and one of my fav Mc’s (bongo chilli). Taking a leave from intricate housey doings Rogue States provides us this time with a simple but groovy skankin’ riddim.

7  Gargamel – Switch board – Halo beats

Trippy wobbly bassline acid music is the best way I can explain this tune. Can’t wait to drop it this saturday!

8 Efdemin – Acid bells( martyn rmx) – curle

Wicked remix from Martyn. This time going for a slower but more sosphisticated UK house feel. I ‘ve still yet to drop this on unsuspecting headz but I’m this will get em going.

9  DeadMaus – Remember( rmx) – Mau5trap

I’m not a big trance or electro fan, but the vocal on this track will get ya even if you like it or not. A side is remixed by J Majik and b is remixed by Caspa. Both sides will do it for any crowd, so just choose your weapon of choice.

10  DJ Die – Clear sky’z ( break remix) – Clear sky’z

Wicked remix of a dnb classic! This time with Break on remix duties and definitely paying nuff respect to the original version by still keeping the main elements of the track there but just beefing up the bassline to keep tings up to date in 2009. A must have !


Sambai video premier after party

cover art for Preduce's new video titled Sambai

My dad bought me my first skateboard when I was 9 years old. Since stepping on the board I have always loved and respected this sport. My fondest memories from skateboarding come from when my dad quit his job at the Canadian embassy in Singapore and moved us all back to our hometown of Bangkok. Those first few years I never had any friends in school and the only friends I had were the guys that I had met through skateboarding. Since the 80’s its always been cool to see the local Thai skate scene progress, I honestly never thought it would make it this far, that is why I am such a big big supporter of the local Thai skateboard scene and at present our country is being represented big time by Preduce skateboards. The company which is co owned by Thai and Swiss skaters, is so successful that they have two shop branches, there own line of skate wear, skate decks and also a wicked skate team. Sambai is the second skate DVD that they have released and the opening for the DVD was held at Scala Theatre in Siam square, the after party was held at Club Culture. I’m very honored to have been chosen to be one of the DJ’s at there after party. It was also a good feeling to take a break from spinning dub step as I was asked to drop an old school hip hop set. I love hip hop but lately I’ve lost my faith in it, as most kids nowadays all want this cluby squeeky clean pop/rnb tunes. I wanted to make this a  special opportunity for me to school the kids on what was the real rough rugged and raw shit.  When the screening of the movie was over all the peeps made there way to Club Culture. Starting from 10 pm the venue was packed to the rafters with skate kids and local scenesters. Warming up the clubbers was Philipino DMC Champ DJ Red I. Red’s set was a fast paced mix and match of hip hop, reggae,drum n bass and dub step. His mixing style was a favorite among the skateboard massive and people were giving him mad props when he finished his set. Next up was me.. 33 years old with a big old beer belly and also a massive thumping headache.. compared to all the skinny baggy pant skate kids I looked like shit ahah But fuck it I had to do my job! My set came in two parts , the first being a more jazzy hip hop style (tribe called quest, digable planets,) the second was a bit more p funk/ electro ( epmd,bomb the bass,stetsasonic) and of course on the mic was MC Sinamon from Dujada. I ‘m happy to say that I was so immersed in my spinning that I didnt bother to pay attention to the crowd at all, which is good since everyone was probobly looking at me like what the fuck is this dinosaur doing on the turntables lol. The last DJ for the night was Nat King Soul. He played a wicked oldies set filled with funk and disco classics. Its cool to see that  Nat’s has an impressive collection of rare and hard to find records, whats more is that his whole set was played completely on vinyl. Its not common nowadays to see a Bangkok dj spinning tunes on wax. nuff respect to Nat for keeping vinyl culture alive ! In all it was a wicked night even despite a minor conflict between the club owners and party organizers. I am happy that I could entertain a group of  people who share the same love and passion for skateboarding as I do and, maybe.. just maybe I might have helped in keeping the skate scene alive in our beloved city of Bangkok. Long Live Preduce!

Ups to G, Simon, Pichy and the Preduce Skate Team!

laying down the laws of funk

Re:locate 2009 kuala lumpur malaysia

Re:locate 2009 flyer

I have been invited by my friend DJ Low to be a guest DJ at Re:locate 2009 in malaysia. The party was organised by DJ low of Loops collective from Malaysia. The concept of the party is  to bring together the best in asian drum n bass djs. The difference about this year’s event was instead of playing dnb I was asked to drop a dubstep set. The crowd seemed to be very well educated on there knowledge of dubstep tunes, and most of all they seemed to get into the really hard wobbly stuff. In all I had a great time and I’m hoping there will be another chance for me to play in Kuala Lumpur again soon. Big shout outs to Low@loops collective kl.

Hua Hin reggae fest 2009

Hua hin is a cozy little fishing town just 2 hours away from Bangkok and since I was a kid  my family and I have enjoyed taking trips down to Hua Hin when ever we get the chance. I have so many fond memories of just chilling on the beach, lighting a camp fire and hunting for crabs at night. Through out the years the town has grown to be quite popular amongst tourists and it has grown into a major resort town. Many things like the marshlands have been lost and all of the wildlife that used to inhabit the area is  now gone. Even still I deeply enjoy hanging out there. On May 2 2009 was the date for both my birthday and the Hua Hin reggae festival sponsored by Honda. Headlining bands  were T-bone, Kai jo brothers, Joey boy, Job to do and Skalaxy. This year they also set up a seperate DJ stage and booked to play were DJ Mod, DJ Ramin, SpydaMonkey, DJ MA and DJ Seet. I was also lucky enough to have been invited to play the end set (11pm to 1 am). While most peeps made plans on arriving the day before the show my girlfriend and I have not been on vacation in ages and so we headed to hua hin 3 days before the event. Upon arriving we could see that the town was alot busier then usual and  some folks like us had decided to come a bit early. When friday came the town was flooded with rasta’s, skaters, indy kids, art school students and anyone else who could pitch a tent and carry a 6 pack of beer was in tow for the biggest reggae festival in southeast Asia. In 2008 they estimated 100,000 peeps showed up, this time the turnout was twice of what last years was. I think the only time I have seen that many people come together to enjoy music was when Micheal Jackson came to bangkok  in the 90’s. On saturday it took us at least an hour to get to the stage area for sound check. We parked the car in the city and took a motor bike taxi into the festival sight. After sound check we went back to the crib to eat a wonderful home cooked BBQ meal prepared by none other then DJ Pichy. Then it was quickly back to the festival grounds to get ready for spinning our dubstep and dnb. Even though the location for the festival was great there was one thing that the organizers forgot about, and that was the tide. The DJ stage was set up and rocking early afternoon, it was at that time that the beach was a wide and open space. When 9 pm rolled around the since wide beach had turned into a very narrow but long stretch of land. The way it looked reminded me of the movie 300, like when they were gaurding the very small cliff side entrance into the city. As the minutes went by the tide surged up to the stage and eventually the crowd was pushed further inland, and that pretty much marked the end of my set. I wasn’t so bummed out about my set being cut short but I was shit scared about getting electricuted. The stage was made out of aluminium and I reckon I would have been toast if something went wrong. The party didn’t stop at 11 pm, we decided to head back and have an after party at my sisters house  but  it nearly took us  2 hours to get out of the festival grounds. We finally made it back to the house and partied until the break of dawn. Wow I was vibin’ and having a great time and didn’t overdo it with tons of alcohol consumption. This was the first time to spin in Hua Hin as well and I will add this experience to my list of fondest memories. In all I had the best birthday ever and I am thankfull for DJ Seet and all the organizers for giving me the this very special opportunity. Much respect to you all.

the day time shot