Dubway 6 at club culture

The date for dubway 6 was april 25 and in thailand April is the month for the thai new years. Anytime after that means people are gonna be hung over and most of all broke. So when Tui from club culture called me to say that I had the week after thai new years to organise the 6th dubway session I was a bit shocked, but mostly skeptical. Our guest for April was DJ Orawan. She played at our second Dubway party in a year ago at Club Escudo, and let me tell ya she might be a small and cute looking but her selection is some of the darkeste and heaviest dnb I have ever heard! The punters went bezerk on the dancefloor for the full hour and half that she played. I honestly thought that the thai massive weren’t going to be able to keep up. At the end of the night everyone on the dancefloor looked like they had run a marathon, but at least they all had the biggest smiles on there faces. In all the night went by better then expected, the dancefloor was packed, the crowds sweaty and the speakers blown the fuck up! Massive respect to Orawan and all the Kinetic fam down in New Zealand.


March top ten list

Heres my top ten list for March 2009. please keep in mind the list is not dictated by record sales or what ever politics that may come with it. It is top ten list of what tunes I am playing at the moment.

heres the link