Dubway 5


To be honest I really didn’t think we would get more then a handfull of dedicated dub heads at this party. I’m glad that I was wrong! The night was a complete success and even though I never made a profit from the tickets, this time I am happy to say that I broke even, and thats a far cry better then how the other gigs went! I also am very happy that the crowd stayed right til the very end. Youthman played a wide variety of dubstep, so it wasn’t just wobblers for the whole night. Youth can rock the 1 and 2’s just like any of the best , I really think he is a very talented person. I just hope the world doesn’t sleep on him…hopefully he will contribute more to the dubstep game later on this year. Anyhoo I am adding his tune to my top ten show this week on GTRonline. I had a great time at Dubway 5 and I am still hungover!

shouts to sinamon, maz, lee curmi, daryl, steve, Reset Visual crew, Monsieur Girbau, Youthman and of course all the bangkok massive who show’d up at the event. much love to you all!



my second dubplate

my second dubplate

The dubplate arrived last week. Its the second one that I have owned in my life. The quality of sound on the plate is great, well of course the mastering helped. The track sounds alot warmer then listening to it on cd. I hope I can cut a few more later on this year.

Konkrete Jungle Seoul


I’ve just been back from spinning at konkrete jungle seoul. Dropped a hybrid dnb/dubstep set. I was so drunk that night and had a wicked time. Korea and its music is definitely on the rise and one of asia’s hotspots.

much respect to venus, Jpath, ahmed and everyone else at club cargoe.. much love go’s to you all.

Homebass Communications on Ubradio

the ubradio studio

I have also been extra lucky this month as I’ve been asked by to host my own Dubstep  show on Ubradio. The show will be on air the  first Thursday of every month. Though you can check the schedule for my show and also tons of other shows on there website www.ubradio.net

last night was the first time to do the show and I had a great time hanging out and mixing in the ubradio studio.

shouts to amnesty,manow, daryl and everyone at ubradio

Dubway 5


I am happy to anounce that Youthman will be  our first international guest at Dubway 5. He has played at our gigs a few times before. Although in the past he came as an  mc for DJ Red Eyes. This time round he will be on the decks, cutting and mixing his new dub step tunes live for the bangkok massive.  A core member of Paris’ Central Massive crew Youthman is a decorated veteran of the french underground electronic music scene and since his humble jungalist beginnings Youthman has since gone to release tunes on Trouble on vynil and DJ Zinc’s Bingo recordings label. At present he has head off into the dubstep frontier and already has two dubstep tunes released, one on bionic sounds and another tune on Heavy Load. He has more releases scheduled for later this year, though I’m sure everyone can have a sneak peak on march 28 at club culture. I hope I’ll have a link for everyone to preveiw some of youthmans tunes later on the week. Also for the flyer design I have asked thun puchpen to design the flyer. He also is an up and coming thai graphic artist, I will have more flyers designed from him for the next 2 dubway gigs as well. Also I will be giving away guest list passes on my radio show on GTR online, just tune in and check out my show tuesday nights at 10pm to 12 midnight (bkk time).

heres the link central massive


youhtmans myspace


Puchpens blog