Today was the first broadcast for my new show DUB be good to you on GTR online. The show go’s on air every Tuesday 10pm  to 12 midnight bkk time. Cool thing is I am able to  broadcast live  from my apartment so I can smoke weed and do my show at the same time, the downside is that unfortunately the internet connection at my place  is a bit fucked up. I’m going to have it sorted out soon I hope. The internet radio station is the brainchild of DJ Seed. The station plans to have show’s from all of  Bangkok’s underground music movers and shakers. So far peeps such as Tul(apartment Khun pa), Nolens Volens, Sound element crew and Thaitanium have confirmed that they will be hosting shows on this channel. I think by may the station will have its own website and also have a better time table, but for now its just operating out of the Uradio website. I’m glad to have been the second DJ to have a show on this station because I’ve been friends with Seed for a very long time. We ‘ve worked together on numerous occasions, the first time  I worked for him was back in 97 and since then Seed has been an influential figure in the Thai underground music scene . He used to be the editor of Generation Terrorist magazine,  and also in the past he has master minded many huge outdoor events such as Moto Mashup. I have a deep respect for P’Seed(brother Seed) and I’m deeply honored to have been given a chance to get back on the radio.  Since resigning from my show on 104.5 fat radio, I always regret that I never got another chance to get back on air. There are alot more things you can express through radio that you can’t express while mixing. As far as the show is concerned I’m playing all things dubwise. Everything from hip hop, techno,dnb,house and of course raggae and dubstep are all gonna be rinsed on my show. I’m really going to work hard on this project and hopefully I ‘ll make P ‘ Seed proud. I’ll post up more things regarding this in the following weeks. Anyways here’s the link to the station.


Dubway 4 at club culture

skin teeth

Its been just a week after that we bangkok experienced the massive vibrations of the Culture one rave, and out of the blue the owner of club culture asked me to organise the first Dubway for 2009 the week after. I think I can speak for myself that even half way through the week I was still knackered from the Culture one rave. So to be honest I wasn’t expecting too much from the attendance on the night of the Dubway party. Not too many people showed up but the vibe in the club was great. We had a special sonic treat at this months event because Nolens Volens who is a really good friend of mine dropped a live dub techno set at club culture. I ‘m really excited to say that the beats that he has been crafting in his studio are  brilliant. I really wish he would get signed to a label but most of all I’m hoping I can work with him more in the future. Another guest that we had at Dubway 4 was Gene from the infamous electro band Futon. Gene had done laced his vocals over my beats a few times before but this was his first time getting on the mic at a dubstep night. With the mic hooked up to the delay his voice added an extra dimension to the beats. Its was great having him come jam with us. At this months event my idea was to play alot more rollers and deeper tunes and then gradually working the vibe to a harder edge towards the end. This time my plan worked as I had hoped.  The tune that smashed it was the Dz remix of Woogie’s End Dub. I hope that we can get the momentum going for next months Dubway gig. Next months line up will be one of bangkok’s legendary scenesters DJ Seet, and also Youthman ( bionic beats/bingo recordings) will be the very first international Dubstep DJ to play at our party. Lets hope the venue will be rammed.

shouts to gene, p’mai nolens volens, O, sinamaon, maz, jon votek and of course everyone who came to party with us that night!

culture one the aftermath

me and sinamon on the main stage at culture one rave

groove series

Culture one was a blast! I think the turnout was less then last years event. Still it was great to hang out in a outdoor venue and be able to walk around and check out the different music arena’s. I was very lucky to have been chosen to play in the main room, and as I expected the sound system was huge!The bass was so loud it was making me queezy, and when I went outside my ears were ringing. In all I had a great time even though I played to a crowd of 5 people but the sound system made up for it. As for the other stages it also took quite a while for them to get going, the event was getting busy by 10pm but before then everything was still quite empty. As expected all the local DJ’s all played wicked sets and I must say that I was really impressed with the Titan(minimal techno) arena. Lots of funky bleeps and beats came from that arena and I personally thought it was much more enjoyable then say the trance or indy rock stage. I was a bit suprized to see that by 3 am the venue was half full. Thai people are always complaining how they wish the clubs would close later, and look what happens when they get a event that stays open til 4! Ken Ishii was the last dj on for the night. He played a wicked set but unfortunately there were not so many people there to enjoy the vibes. I wish that shit was rammed until the end of the night… Either way I had a great time and I absolutely love going to raves. When 4 am came it was time to shut down the event and go home. I was buzzing by that time and I wish I could have went to an after party with all the crew but unfortunately I had to go to work later that day! Hopefully the organizers will be keen on making the event happen again next year and, next time  I’ll make sure I have Sunday off.

I’ll have more pics uploaded later on in the week