Culture One

This saturday (January 31) is the date for Culture One 2009. Considered to be one of Thailand biggest dance music events, the rave caters to  all musical tastes. Expect to hear Everything from House, Techno, breaks, electro, indy rock and even some dub step. The four main stages will be Culture arena, Amnesia Ibiza arena, Titan arena and last but not least the legendary Dude Sweet arena. Headlining acts for the event are Sister Bliss, Ken Ishii, Moguai, and  Ac slater. Last years 2008 event had 8000 ravers turn up but unfortunately the Police forced  the organizers to shut the event early at 12 midnight. Which was kinda good as the headline DJ for the 08 gig set consisted of numerous  cheesy house tunes. So I was kinda glad the shut that one early. As for this year the rumor is that this years main stage will be indoors so hopefully the closing time will be 4 am. But most likely I think they will closing sometime around 2 am, which by law is the closing time for all nightspots in Bangkok city. Besides from the rumor of a late closing time, there were also mentions of having Sven Vath, Andy C and Simian Mobile Disco playing at the event. I guess they all cost a shit load of money so no one bothered to book them anymore. oh well next time I guess.  I’m also excited to hear the local DJ’s warm up the set for the headline dj’s. Djs I want to check out are Galactic Soul, Sound Element, Nannue Tiptier, Suharit, and the Diet Pills. I was also invited to play, I am looking forward to being the first dub step DJ to play at this event. So being the first also means playing first, so the organisers want me to get on stage around 4 pm. Yes I know its a very early as some people aren’t even awake at that time but oh well what can you do! On the other hand I am very excited to hear some of my favourite dub step tunes on there huge sound system. Its always a rarely that you get a chance to hear your favourite records being played very loud where you can feel the bass pulsating through your body. The one tune I think is going to cause a small earthquake is Skream’s Rottan on Tempa records and, I can’t wait to hear how that will sound on the big soundsystem.

Most of all  I hope there will a good vibe and a great turnout this weekend. I’ll have more things posted up about the rave after this weekend..lets hope that everything goes well. Just Click on the link in the bottom if you want ot have a look at the flyer

culture one



Last year was   a bit of a slow year regarding work and money. Even though we had many successful parties at DJ Yas, Dubway, Monopoly, The Pier, Motorola Mash up with slot machine and even at the Legendary Breaks club in Silom 2/1 -I still feel that many things went by very slowly in the first 7 month of 2008. Its because so many of the gigs didn’t come regularly and, most of them were one off”s. Things eventually got going in early October. Funny thing is the minute my leg was broken that’s when I started to get so many offers for gigs. I kept my cast as a good luck charm but I don’t think I would ever want to go through have anymore broken bones in my body. I do hope that this year I spend less time watching youtube and get more time trying to make beats. I don’t think I will ever make any beats that would get signed but I do think it would be good for me to discipline myself and get to work. Besides that, I definitely need to spend a lot more time practicing mixing and scratching this year. I still put in a good 2-3 days a week practicing but I think i should do a bit more this time. Also the podcast show needs to be updated more often because its one of the few things that is there to actualy help me express whats going on in my head and, its important because it also helps educate thai kids who are interested in dub step and dnb. Another very simple goal is to also put out a mix cd sometime this year. I’ve been putting that off for ages now but I think it about time that I get one done. These are some of the things that I definitely want to focus on this year. Just a few simple things but I think if done properly then everything should be cool.