2008 Dubstep Top Ten

I know I have been very lazy in keeping my monthly top tens up to date and I am not making up any excuses but, seriously I have been busy as a bumble bee. As for 2008 I must admit  that I have really focused my time and energy on dubstep.  I keep on hearing all my Jungalist buddies say that I have  made a bad choice in deciding to play dubstep. 10 years ago all my friends said I was crazy to have stopped spinning  hip hop and commit fully to drum n bass. I’m glad to say that I’ve proved that my friends wrong as dnb is loved and respected by peeps all over the world. Even still to this very day I’ve followed my heart  and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve never been a mainstream person and, I honestly think when music genres go mainstream it tends to make things a bit boring…. well at least for me anyways. Don’t get me wrong I still love and continue to spin dnb but, honestly dubstep has been like  a breath of fresh air amidst all the screechy  bass line  gloom. This top ten list is dictated by how many times I have pulled out the records from my box and put them on the turntable and also by the reaction that they have gotten from being played at Dubway.

Artist                                                                                    Track                                                                   Label

1.Rusko                                                                                Jahova                                                                Sub Soldiers

Nothing new about this tune as it was released last year in 2007  but,  even still  I have been caning this tune over and over. I don’t think it will ever leave my record box.

2.Benga                                                                                 The cut                                                                Tempa

I love this tune because it is on a whole different vibe compared to most dubstep tunes. The starts with a techy/funky vibe to it and, then rolls into a monsterous bass at the second drop.

3.Zombie                                                                              Spliff dub remix

Brilliant vocal intro then drops into one of baddest skankiest bass lines I have ever heard this tune takes my number 3 spot.

4.F                                                                                          Phase one                                                            Se7en

I haven’t played this tune out as much as I wanted to as I think it would work best in a late night session. I ‘m still very excited about playing this at Dubway.

5.Deville                                                                                 Rumble                                                               Senseless

I wouldn’t classify this as being a typical dubstep tune. It is definitely a tune that has been caned over and over by me at Dubway.

6.Youthman                                                                          Bombs over Baghdad                                       Bionic Beats

This is the only dubstep that I have ever been given as a demo before it was signed. I love it now just as much as  I loved it then, I even went out and bought the vynil when it was released. Top notch old school amen programing and some seriously bass lines make this tune a dancefloor monster. Not for the weak at heart thats for sure.

7.501                                                                                       Get Back                                                               Verilo

Excellent jump up style dubstep and also one of the sickest basslines that you can hear at Dubway. Gets rewinds all the time ….. huge track this one!

8.Stenchman                                                                          Signs                                                                    Heavy load

Soca style drums mixed with one of the hypest bass line’s that will rock any party. I always play it in the beginning of the night and it always gets the dancefloor going.

9.Conquest                                                                             Forever                                                                 Dub Police

One of the great things about dubstep is that it is so diverse. I also like the fact that you can’t pin point one particular sound, every release is fresh and exciting. Forever is a dubby/housey track with such a funky vibe to it. I would recomend anyone with an appeciation for quality electronic music to buy this tune. It is definitely one of my all time fav’s

10.Skream                                                                                Skreamizm Vol5                                               Tempa

Because of the protests that they were having at savanubhumi airport in bangkok this record took ages to arrive. I think because of all flights into bangkok were shut down the  record was sitting somewhere in some cold dark stank mailroom. By the time it got to me it was warped. I’m trying to flatten the edges out now, but it will probobly take a while. Since then I have bought new one. So I’ve got two copies now.


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