Dubway session 3

yes we can dance but no we cannot play another tune

What made last Friday different from the other sessions was that people were starting to show up since 10:30. By 11 oclock is was starting to get busy inside the club. Warming up the night was DJ Red I from the Philippines. He played a wicked selection of dance hall reggae, dnb and dub step. After him was DJ Jo Stitch. One of the great things about Jo’s set was that he  had just recently bought some new tunes from the UK and was dropping them in his set. By the time that he was done the crowd was already warmed up and ready to go. Which was unfortunate for me because the set that I had prepared at home started very deep and mellow and proved not to be satisfying to a room full of party people. Usually punters don’t start coming til after 12 so I had naturally thought  that I would be playing to an empty dance floor. It was because of this I chose to start my set with a more mellow selection. The first few songs were Highland spring by Benny ill, Techno dread by 2562 and Go and tell em by Benga!massive@dubway I should also mention that hours before the party,  Sinamon (our MC)  just arrived on Thursday from Koh Samui and, he bought with him a huge bag of mutherfuckin’ mushrooms. We ended up taking a few shrooms before the party and, when it was time for me to play play I was tripping my nuts off! My knees were all wobbly and of course I was starting to get paranoid thinking that the crowd  would not like the music. What made things worse was that standing behind me in the booth was a man who hated the very ground I walked on – Mr. Buffalo.  A few years back I was interviewed on TV, I can’t remember exactly what the interview question was but in one of my answers I said using a CDJ is not as good as using real vinyl. When Mr.Buffalo watched the interview on TV he was not too pleased with my comment. He  thought I was dissing CDJ’s but I wasn’t. I was just making a point that CDJ’s aren’t as good as using Turntables and will never ever in a million years even come close(kidding). The lighting guy at Club Culture had just quit his job and Mr.Buffalo was there to fill in for him. The lighting controls are in the corner of the DJ booth so Mr.Buffalo was sitting there behind me the whole time. I think I made him angry when I asked him if I could use his chair because my leg was just recently broken and, judging by the look on his face he didn’t seem to want to give it up.  I did end up getting his chair but he probobly  got even more pissed when I didn’t even use the chair at all and I ended up dancing in the booth like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. Either way he had that look in his eye like he was waiting for the right moment to pump me with bullets. It was frightening! I managed to calm myself down by drinking a shit load of beer and also few shots of vodka….ok well not a shit load but it was more like a 3 beers  and a shot of vodka(im a cheap drunk). Oh and Mr.Buffalo got his nickname because back in the day he used to spin club trance on CDJS while wearing his Buffalo brand moon boots. In the end I did manage to get through the set and finish the job. The tunes that got the best reaction  this time (past the 1am mark) were Killed it dead by Trg, Shoalin style by Bar nine, Jahova by Rusko, and Take me (reso rmx) by Dubchild. To end things off nicely, when 2am rolled around I was having so much fun mixing, dancing, drinking and tripping  I didn’t want to get off the decks and, for the first time in my life had to forced off the decks by the security gaurds. In the end I gave a speech about how our Government fucked up our right to party and blah blah blah sorry I can’t remember the rest what I said and hopefully nobody else can remember either. In all I had my set all planned out which didn’t work as expected. So I just started from scratch and just focused on creating a vibe that was fun for everybody including myself. And maybe just maybe Monsieur Buffalo also had an ok time as well.

shouts to Jonny Votek for designing the flyer and also much love to all the ravers that came to the party.homebass-logo1