Dubway session 3 flyer


I didn’t write much for the description on the Dubway page in  facebook.  Nowadays everybody is having all these theme parties and, its a really good gimmick that improves attendance but in my opinion it doesn’t have anything to do with music. I know I should have gave our event description a little more pizzaz but I honestly feel that all there is to my events is a dj, a dj dancefloor and a whole lot of vibes to be enjoyed. Simple as that! Plus  I’m more then happy with keeping it simple. Besides that its been a shitty week so far in Bangkok as the whole country is now is a political mess. The current prime minister won’t step down and what worse is that PAD (people alliance for democracy) has seized control of the airport, thus shutting down all flights into and out of bangkok. I respect the PAD but I dont agree with them taking over the airport. In some ways its just the same as terrorism. The people who want to get on flights back to there home country are completely innocent and have nothing to do with our politics. Furthermore seizing the airport will drive our country into further economic decline. On a more happier note I got some one to help design our flyer for this month.  Jon a graphic desinger friend of mine helped with this months design. The tank theme is a good reflection of whats going on this week because I’m sure the army will stage a coupe anytime soon. I hope there is no blood shed or violence. Instead I hope people take out there frustrations on the dancefloor…sounds kinda cliche for me to say that but its better then gettting beat up or shot at thats for sure.


DJ Shadow Live in bangkok

Moving around is quite difficult when you have a broken ankle. After much persuasion from my friends I finally made it to see DJ Shadow live at Club Culture. The club was packed to the rafters and it really was hard to move around with my crutches. I managed to check out the first 45 minutes of the show and I have to admit that I am truly inspired by Shadow’s performance. I can only imagine all the long hours of crate diggin’ he must have done, being that all his beats and sounds that he uses in his productions will probobly not be found in any reason refill cd. I really wanted to talk to Shadow after the show but unfortunately I never got the chance. I did manage to get an autorgraph by Shadow, so I guess that isnt so bad after all.