Mtv anniversary party

MTV’s anniversary party at 808 was a lot of fun to play at. Lots of free booze and plenty of babes walking around. Im glad I had the chance to redeem myself after the Smirnoff party, though I was suprised to see that the Brooks brothers Remix of  Star guitar, a super huge indy/dance anthem by Shinichi Osawa didn’t go off as I’d expected. Oh well I guess you cant have it all.


Smirnoff’s Origins Aka the old school reunion party

High school reunions are great because you can meet up with all your old friends and reminisce about the good old days. On the other hand for some people use this event as an opportunity to brag to their friends about there success. I never really liked high school and much preferred to stay home practicing my mixing. I don’t I think that I function well in class room. Looking back on my life now I can honestly say that not much has changed. I still DJ and that pretty much has been my job since the beginning. I wish I could say I accomplished more but, still after all these years at the end of the day all I want to do is mix records. I guess the closest thing that I have come to a “high school reunion” was at the Origins party hosted by Smirnoff Vodka. The concept of the party was to bring all the DJs who were the originators of the different sub genres of the Thai rave/party scene.  I’ve been around for ages so  I guess the promoters saw it fit to invite me to spin. Other movers and shakers that were invited were, Sound Element crew, Spyda Monkey, Pauly and Pichy. The interesting thing about the event was that I really thought everyone was going to play tunes from the good old days, I mean like 1990 -1997 type steez. To my suprised I was the only one going that far back with my selection, everybody else just played the current hits. I think my tune selection kinda weirded people out, as most kids weren’t even born by that time(kdding). I really thought Ganja Kru’s True Playaz anthem would kill em…. but it was a very lukewarm reaction. Some of the tunes were the old releases on the Urban Take over label. I thought they might be interesting to play but still it looked a bit slack on the dance floor. Fortunately I did get one good reaction  and it was when I played Ray Keith’s Chopper. I had a mixed bag full of goodies from back in the day, I’m just a bit depressed I didn’t get to play them all. Good thing that there is the MTV party this Tuesday and Goldie on  Thursday, both parties I will be spinning at so I am hoping that I will get the chance to redeem myself. For those parties I will throw in some classic tunes but mostly I’ll play safe and drop the current releases. Overall it would have been cool to have all the DJ’s play there favorite cuts from back in the day.  Doing that we all can definitely hear how much  dance music has changed, it would also remind us of all the great experiences we had raving til morning when we were kids. But most of all those tunes would remind us about why we were so inspired to become DJs in the first place.

DUBWAY session two at Club Culture

The turnout for the second Dubway session wasn’t as good as last months but, the energy and the vibe of the night was magnificent. By the time I arrived at the club it was already starting to rain really hard. I really didnt anyone would show up. The club didnt start getting busy until after 12:30. I played alot harder then last time and the reaction from the crowd was great. It really is cool when peeps can appreciate something different from the norm. The tunes that rocked it on the night were Hip Hop (rmx) by Dead Presidents, Get back by 501 and Forever by Conquest.

Slot Machine

I’ve just had the chance to take part in a very unique event and I must say that it really has inspired me and I feel very honoured to have been chosen to take part. Moto Mash Up was an event that saw DJs/producers teaming up with some of Thailands biggest Indy rock bands mixing and mashing there styles and productions together. The line up consisted of DJ Spyda Monkey vs Scrubb, Suharit vs Mint and Myself vs SLot Machine. The whole event was created and organised by DJ Seed. The plan was to use 3 songs that I have released, One of them my own production and the other 2 were tracks that were on the Asia Bass Compilation. The tracks were Since you left me by DJ Dragon(me), DJ DX’s Radioactive and 56k’s Hysterical Idiots. Those tracks were then taken back to the studio remixed and re edited by Seed, only this time fusing them with SLot Machines tunes Parn, Dream and I forgot the name of the other one( my bad ). To be honest I was very skeptical at first . I love rock n roll but as of lately I really thought of Indy rock as being a bit  too artsy and I didn’t really think that the two styles would be able to mix. The first practice session went by really well being it that it was the first time for me to meet the band. We met up at the studio and jammed together for the whole day. I really thought it was cool to be able to see the band playing just as well and with so much emotion both in the studio and on stage. For the whole time I thought  how the hell could I measure to there skill and talent? I remember we had a really hard time trying to get my mixing and there playing in sync and, I was really worried that I might be making them think that this whole project was a waste of time. Either way the band treated me as if I were one of there own and we had a really cool time hanging out together.  I’m sure they were as bit as skeptical as I was but when the day of the show came all the moto mash up crew were really amped  to get on stage. Everybody was pretty much just hanging out and drinking in the dressing rooms. The first group that took to the stage was Spyda Monkey and Scrubb then, Suharit and MInt and last were myself and SLot Machine.  I was really drunk by the time we performed but and all I remember was just jumping around in the booth. haha oh well I mean it was the closest thing I’ve ever been to playing with a live band and when you get on a stage and theres an arena full of people watching, I was fucking charged with andrenaline hehe. We ended up performing two songs together and after that it was time for me to get my sorry drunk ass off stage and let slot machine continue. After watching them play live  all I could think of in my head was “boy can these dudes rock”. I think they really go all out on stage jumping around, headbangin’ and just going crazy. Not very artsy at all! That show was intense. Over all I ‘m really deeply inspired and honoured to have shared the stage with such a great bunch of musicians and I will never forget being able to partake in this unique and entertaining experience. I just bought Slot Machines new album and hopefully I ‘ll see them one last time this weekend and get them to autograph the cd. Also big shout outs to p’seed for having the balls to create and organise an event this spectacular.