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The first dubway session at club culturizzle

I ‘d better write this down before I forget. The first ever Dubway session at club culture went by really well. The tunout was great (200 peeps). Starting off the night was DJ Sound stitch, he played from 10:30 to 12 midnight. The crowd really enjoyed his set and his tunes got the mood right for the dubstep. Thing is switching from dnb to dubstep tends to slow the pace down a bit and when I started I noticed that most peeps looked puzzled and I guess they thought that some amen break was going to pop in there somewhere. So the first hour was a bit on and off.  I mean there were some tunes that the crowd could understand and some tunes that they thought were a bit strange, especially after 12 when everyone is completely drunk and they want a 175 bpm break. However when it was 1 am a bus load of peeps came and all of a  suddenly the place was rammed. So last hour went by really well, though I had to up the sounds a bit and play   more bouncy tunes. Tunes that went down really well were Rumble by Deville, Two faced rasta by reso, and of course Sushi brain by Headhunter. In a nutshell I’m very happy about the party and I hope the punters feel the same way as well. I’ll have some pics ot the party posted up soon.

shouts to yuki, amp, sound stitch, sinamon, qbic queen and all the bassline massive who came and showed there support for there local beats scene … big up!

Dubway at club culture August 22

This is the flyer for the new dubway party at club culture. This will the first night that we will be spinning dub step at the peak hours. I’m sure people will be suprised when they hear it as most people think that dub step is way to chill. Warming the set is new comer to the scene DJ Sound Stitch whom will be playing drum n bass. And from 12 onwards will be me playing dubstep til closing time. I hope the turn out is good and most of all I hope that people will get into the beats. I ‘ll post a reveiw after this friday.

August dub step top ten

So far the past month I ‘ve been quite busy with DJ work. Thats a really good though as some months it tends to be quite slack when it comes to parties. The past weekend just saw myself and Tbase (jazzbah records) doing a b2b session on both Friday (club 808) and Saturday (club glow). The Friday session went off and 808 was jam packed with people. August 22 will see the return of Dubway, though this time Club Culture will be its new home. I ‘m keeping my fingers crossed and I hope that one will go off. There will also be an after hours gig on Friday august 29 at club DDM. I used to be a resident there a very long time ago. Its a small cozy little club, not a very good sound system there but it does the job, best of all is that the club go ‘s on til 4 in the morning.

As for this months record shopping I’ve been buying alot of the uptempo cuts/borderline clubby dubstep. I mean its a new scene here and even with the dnb music numerous  DJ’s  have to play more of the bouncy stuff because thats what the locals prefer. I ‘ve been to a night here and heard some drop Dylan of Limewax.. well except maybe for me. Either way if dub step is not presented right then we’ll lose the crowd. I guess alot of the techy wobblers will just have to wait. Despite all the negative remarks I’ve heard from people  I still have alot of faith in dub step.

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