July dub step top ten list

Heres my top ten list for this month. Not all the songs are new releases but they are the ones that I am playing at the moment.


The Thai version was kindly translated by DJ Kunk.



Pendulum at club culturizzle

Here are the pictures from Pendulum. The night took place friday june 27  at club culturizzle. And as you can see from the pictures the place was rammed!!

stutters,slurs and dub step

I have just been interviewed for a online TV show called Awaken. The show’s host Michelle Segrave is a popular celebrity/TV presenter in Thailand. Known for her cool fashion sense and cute onscreen personae Michelle is a favorite among Thai youth. Her latest show was first aired on channel Five TV, but due to showbiz politics the program has been temporarily taken off air. For the time being they are broadcasting via there website http://www.awakensite.com the show covers everything from music, fashion and lifestyle.

The Awaken show’s producers have just finished filming an interview in Australia with Thai electronic music producer Joni Anwar. The crew got to hang out with Joni at a Dub step party in Sydney. When they returned to Bangkok the producers wanted a more have another interview with a more in depth talk about dub step. The show’s producers were interested in interviewing me as they heard that I was spinning dub step at my parties. So I saw this as a good opportunity to promote the music and also promote my events. When I was filming the interview I was asked to speak Thai. Unfortunately speaking “proper” Thai is something that I completely have a hard time doing. When ever someone shoves a camera in front of my face that’s when the stutters and the slurs begin. First there’s the question, next thing I have to think about what to answer, then translate it in my head, and finally try to speak clearly enough so that everyone understand. It’s Easy in theory but a pain in the ass in practice. Even as I am writing this I ‘m still having a hard time to put my thoughts into words.

One of the things I love about dub step is that it like drum n bass it has taken bass music a step foreward. Listening to a new dub step track now reminds me of hearing jungle drum n bass for the first time back in the early 90’s. Every time I hear a new dub step tune I can always feel the progression in the music. It is like watching a planet being born. Unlike the music that dub step scene came from, that being UK garage, the sound in dub step is less pretentious. Furthermore because of the half beat and the slower tempo gives the bass a very sinister feel. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying dnb has lost its appeal. Regardless of any genre a dope tune is a dope tune. Even so a lot of people are hating on dub step at the moment. Some people say that its too slow or that it ripped off a lot of the bass lines from dnb. I disagree completely. In my opinion modern underground music’s like dnb and uk garage are all re incarnations of dub reggae, and the music has been evolving since the early days of King Tubby. Since then these vibes eventually became to what we know now as jungle, uk garage and dub step.

Back in high school I had friends who thought drum n bass was cool but never really could understand why it was so fast. Most of my friends had never been to raves and also had never taken any drugs. So the chattery breaks of jungle drum n bass seemed alien to them. In some ways when people hear dub step for the first time, the vibe and feel of the music is something they can relate to since some beat patterns resemble more of a hip hop or grime feel. Don’t get me wrong I don’t think just because the beats in dub step are slower that it makes a better alternative to dnb. The beats in dub step are just as complex as dnb, but the only difference is that they are a lot less frantic and,  because of the slower tempo it puts a bit more emphasis on bass rather then break therefore giving  the low end frequencies a chance to shine.

Shouts to all the crew at awaken for the interview and shouts to DJ Conloy sorry bro I forget things when I am nervous.