The funniest N.W.A parody since CB4

The funniest N.W.A  parody since CB4, absolutely fucking hilarious!


The biggest dubstep crowd in bkk so far..oh yeah and also Pendulum

another blip on the screen

Last night was the night for the ultimate in drum n bass parties as Club Culture would be host to DJ EL Hornet of drum n bass super group Pendulum. The party was promoted as being one of the most important and legendary DJ events that this town has ever seen. Despite all of the media blitz having El hornet on the decks was a big deal, but the other factor that made this an important party (or at least to me anyways) was the fact that I would be the opening DJ for the night. I’ve supported big name DJ s before, however on this night I would be playing dub step for the first time in a club packed with people.

I was a bit skeptical at first. Ive heard people say nasty shit about dub step and because of that, I was thinking in my head that people would give me dirty looks while standing there in the middle of the dance floor with there arms folded. I thought someone was going to come up to the DJ booth and ask me to play drum n bass. To my surprise the set went by really well. I got on the decks at 10 pm. By that time the club was starting to get full. I started out by playing just the really chill deep dub tunes, by the second hour I switched to the more bouncy basslines and ragga selection. It was on the last hour that peeps started to really get into the music and the vibe was electric. The tunes that got the best reaction were Headhunters massive – Sushi Brain and The Bug’s industrial dancehall track  Poison dart.

I’m hoping that this can be the start of a new era in the Thai electronic beats scene. The world has only just begun to see the possibilities of dub step. I mean given the right venues and also the people who are willing to come out and check out some new sounds dub step should soon be a major force to be reckoned with. I do hope that it doesn’t get too commercial or too mainstream. The next full on dub step night will be at Cafe Democ next saturday july 12. I am hoping that a few heads come and check out the sounds, quite possibly it may bring back a revival of the legendary club.

check out the link. I took this vdo by accident as I meant to take a picture but pressed the wrong button. In the split second clip you can see MC Jakes come up to get a bottle of water..yay how exciting haha

dubway session 3 pictures

Dubway session trois (thats session 3 in french)

Born and raised in Toulouse France , Julien Salvi aka Red Eyes has been known for making some of the funkiest drum n bass music on this planet. Since having booked him in 2006 Red Eyes has been busy releasing numerous tunes. The most biggest tune was Pusherman on DJ Zincs label and now in 2008 Red Eyes in set to release his first album on Bcee and Lomax’s Spearhead recordings. All the bassline massive had a sneak peak of the new tunes on the album at Escudo on friday June 6. I have also been given a promo copy of the new album and had the time to listen to it at home, and I think the songs are dope! The release party for the album will be this saturday in Paris France. So I’m also glad to say that bangkok was the first city to have a preview of the album. Red was also cool to give me a studio mix of his current and previous tracks. MIxed live on a sunday night at bass junkies in Club Culture the podcast mix is a blend deep, funky and intelligent sonic textures. Of course all the tunes on this podcast are all of Red Eyes own productions. But I forgot to ask for a play list so now I feel stupid because I don’t know what the name of the songs are.

Gotta send a big shout out to every one that attended the last ever Dubway at Escudo. Every time I think about our club business I get depressed. Its always the places that poseurs like to go that don’t get shut down. I mean all the clubs who are trying to push the underground vibes are struggling to stay in open. I think theres enough rnb and indy rock, all of that is good but I don’t think Thai people give a shit about electronic music. Or maybe people do care but like werewolves they only come out when the moon is full. As for the last Dubway I also have to thank Mint and DJ Rajahsi for playing a wicked live dub reggae set at the club. Unfortunately the sound wasn’t up to par as there were live instruments there and I think it too a heavy toll on the speakers. Either it was great to hear there cover version of Gregory Isaacs night nurse and the Beatles love me do. Much respect to Paulie for helping out with the sponsers, with out them I wouldn’t have had the chance to book Red Eyes.

shout go out to all these peeps; paulie, monsieur girbau, youthman, red eyes, mam, mint, pook, dj hentai, everybody who SHOWED UP AT THE EVENT much love goes to you!

I’ll have the pictures from the party uploaded soon. I will also have a review posted up in a few days of red eyes album ( once i get the track listing for it) In the meantime you can download Red Eyes mix at this link below…enjoy!

for more info on Red Eyes check out or

Homebass @ 808

On the night of the party it rained very hard. By the time I arrived, royal city avenue was quiet. Even the parking lot which is always full on a saturday night was empty. I wasnt expecting it to be packed full of people on that night, but when I arrived there were a few folks there. Dawn from soundelement started off first spinning his selection of dubwise nu school breaks. Good to see him play vynil as well, as all of Sound element has switched to using cds, plus there not playing as much breaks as they used to so it was also great to hear dawn spin the kind of music that made the Sound Element name. By the time it was for me to spin the club was getting packed with thousands of people……not! In reality by the time I started playing there were about 50 people in the crowd, in my honest opinion after a mega thunderstorm i’m suprised to see that some people made the effort to come to the club. So it was alright. We ended off the night with a bit of dubstep and the reaction was good. Everybody seemed to like it, well at least they were dancing throughout my whole set. One of the great things about 808 is there soundsystem. Though not as hi tec as what you would find in famous clubs like Fabric and The End but 808’s bass heavy subs deliver the goods and the result is total dance floor devastation. On the other hand even when you have a great club with a wicked sounds system, even with all those elements shitty weather could make or break your night.

big shouts to dave and everyone at 808 and also dawn dusk @ sound element