Dubway part deux

  • The second dubway session was last friday may 2. The gig was a extra special one because we had two very special guest fly in especially to play at this event, one of the guest also shared the same birthday as mine. DJ Orawan from New Zealand came especialy to play at this event and plus her birthday is on may 2, the same day as mine.DJ Low from malaysia also came down to Dubway and dropped a special dub/breaks set. As for me I just warmed up the set with a little dubstep but low and orawan took over from 11 onwards. Orawan really impressed me with her mixing skills and she truly is a great dj, she tends to play alot of tunes that I dont usually hear in bangkok, so the selection was really fresh through out the set.The turnout was fantastic as I was really keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that we would get people coming to the event. sadly Escudo has been suffering business wise as there arent as many punters going there like before. Other then that its still a great venue. In all it was a great night, the tunes were banging and everyone got wasted completely hahaha which is the whole point isnt it! big shouts to pauly, mam, orawan, low, kermi, joe, p’poa, p’ top, pueng, sander, pichy, sander,trix one, sound element and everyone else i forgot …much love to you all.