Vibe affair at The Pier koh samui

I’ve recently come back from DJ’ing in Koh samui. The name of the event was The vibe affair at the pier. This event was to be the one year anniversary of the pier, a trendy bar and eatery in the fishermans village area of Bophut beach. Known for its plush interior and its exquisite cuisine , The Pier is considered to be one of the newest and hippest hangouts in on the island. Compared to the dodgey backpacker hangouts food and drink at The Pier is quite expensive, so you wouldnt see your typical starry eye full moon raver hanging out there with his bucket of Sangsom and Red bull.

As far as I can remember I always love going down to the Islands. But mostly its really something to do every once in a while as its very expensive. Plane tickets will cost you 8000 baht, food is expensive and so are they hotels. But its great being a DJ because usually when you are booked the organiser pays for everything. So this time Myself and DJ Dawn Dusk of Soundelement were booked to play at The Piers one year anniversary party. The deal was Dawn was going to warm up the set with house and I would finish would dnb.

The plan was simple enough but as we would find out later, most of the crowd were more into the house sounds. As for playing drum n bass there I think I should have opened with more liquid tunes. The crowd didnt react to the first couple of minutes as well as I would have hoped. So it was quite hard to get things started in the first hour. Never the less alcohol gets people drunk and by the second hour things were well on there way. People were dancing and enjoying the sounds. The annoying thing maybe was the one group of tourist who kept on coming up to me and requesting that I play some latin music haha… well I played LK by DJ Marky but that didnt seem to make them happy enough.

In a nutshell the gig went by very well, I mean there weren’t any rewinds or lighters being lit but yeah it was still fun. I guess as far as being a DJ is concerned no matter what happens your booked and you have to do your job properly no matter the what the conditions are. And it was great to be given a chance to play to a new crowd, and of course myself and Dawn were treated very well there and with that I am thankful.

cheers to all the crew at The Pier for showing us a great time!


Dj yas cd launch pix haha sorry im a bit late

yeah i know these pix should have been posted ages ago (like february). well just to recap, the DJ Yas cd launch party at club culture was a success. Rino, Abu, Dujada and Mint sang there hearts out. And most importantly Everyone came and had a great time. but anyways here they are. Big shouts go Yas, Rino, Abu, Dujada,My homebass familly and of course all the peeps who came to the event.


We just had our first Dubway party at Escudo. The turnout was ok but the vibe was fantastic. For starters Escudo isn’t a club that is known for its open mindness towards electronic music, since it being a favorite hangout for the young route 66 crowd. The management have redesigned the club putting the second floor as a electronic music section. Escudo’s resident dj’s spin everything from house to dnb. I am suprised that they have invited Homebass to host a monthly night, since normally if it had been a few years ago we wouldn’t have been welcome there.

Eating roast beef sandwiches is one of my favorite things, and ive always had an idea for using the name Dubway… of course i was taking the Subway sandwich name, logo and flipping it. Same idea of course as with any subway sandwich y ou can chose your toppings. With our new night we want to play all sorts of dubwise music. Its like many kinds of flavors coming together to create one single vibe. So you’ve got your dubstep, reggae, house, breaks and dnb just like you would have tomatoes, lettuce, jalepenos and mustard on your sandwich. We plan on rotating the dj line up everymonth so that each month a different dj headlines. The first month started off with me, Katsuji from 420 jah guide, and Sound Stitch.

Katsuji’s set was brilliant but still sadly the punters liked it but didnt get into it as much as I would have liked. Katsujis style is more of a lovers rock style and i guess in a club it doesnt get people moving. I guess he wasnt too happy as well with the crowd reaction. I will have him as a regular guest at dubway. And as well reggae is in my opinion the grand daddy of all sound system music, be it hip hop, breaks and dnb. We owe so much to reggae music and its good to educate the masses about those vibes. Much love go ‘s to katsuji at 420 Jah Guide. Also much love go’s out to all the masses that came and showed there support. I hope next month we will get even a bigger turn out.


well here it is , not as good as being on live radio but close enough. finally made the effort to get the podcast going. Though should be some interesting tunes to be played on the Homebass podcast.First podcast is a mix that is being given away as presents to those who come to the Dubway launch in april 12.

and here is the link