nothing lasts forever

Music has been so important in my life since I was a young lad. Ive always had music with me everywhere I went, for example waking up for elementary school and taking the bus to school I ‘d always have my walkmen on blasting def leopard, guns n roses and what ever 80s heavy metal band that were popular at the time. I remember getting decks for the first time and going down to the record store and seeing all these racks and racks of vynil for sale. I can remember all the songs on the mix tapes that I mixed for my friends, all the hip hop tunes like nuthing but g thang, jump around, insane in the brain. Having music and being imersed in music has always made me feel better about things as im sure it is like that for others people as well. Apart from listening and spinning music I ve always been a big collector of vynil. Everything from to old school hard core rave, deep house , breaks , drum n bass and especially hip hop. I spent all of my lunch money on these records and I was planning on being buried or cremated with them. I mean there not the best records or most popular tunes but i loved them to death. Unfortunately nothing lasts forever and neither did some of the tunes in my collection. This is because termites can eat through anything even vynil ( well the covers anyways). I wanted to sample some hip hop loops so I went back to my moms house ( thats where I keep my records). So I went searching through the oldschool section and as I searched through the stacks of vynil I have found that a colonie of termites had made there home in my old school hip hop collection all living and workin there. They first started to eat the wood on the shelves then made there way towards the vynil. They didnt eat the actual vynil but what they did was eat the covers and labels then build a nest on the vynil. So when thats done they record looks like its been dragged in mud. Gone were dr dre, sugarhill gang, mantronik, stetsasonic, and the song that I remember hearing for the first time and almost driving me to tears because it reminded my of a friend who had passed away in high school, the song by Ed og and the bulldogs named love comes and gos were reduced nothing but piles of dirt and will never ever be played again. The buddha gotama taught that nothing lasts forever and I suppose thats true. I m not really concerened about any of my other posessions but these records were what inspired me to be a dj.  Each record reminds me of a stage in my life as there were alot of good times, heart ache and confusion . Those records are gone and will  never be heard and enjoyed from anyone else again.