asia bass compilation cd release party @club astra march 31

As usual with any shindigg ive thought of organising, things have fallen behind shcedule. Flyers for the party have not been distributed and apparently there seems to be very little energy of the masses. Its gone to the point where i am very anxious and sometimes nervous about the day of the event march 31. Asia bass is an event that I personally organised, this event is to showcase the dopest dj’s from around the region. So far we’ve had Kiat, dx, jerome, lowe, magnetic soul crew and conroy. Most of the parties have been quite successfull. But the recent year at astra has not been so good, and thats not just with my parties but with a bunch of other events run by other organisations. This time there will be kiat from metalheads, tbase, celcius from javabass and p c lab all playing live. So its quite important that people go and see for themselves what these djs and producers can do. On top of that the party will also be the release date for the asia bass cd compilation. As for the compilation its a cd with all of tracks made by producers in the region. Many times the djs that have played for asia bass have passed me tracks that they have produced , I think that these tracks are very good and thats why ive decided to put the tunes on cd and release it to the public so that they can enjoy them too. Asian drum n bass has still got a long way to go in terms of production, but I really admire the hard work and determination from many of these producers. That to me is something that I admire and I feel that I should support completely. The cd is in no way chart topping, a big tune selling thing… the cd is something like a progress report so that you can check how things are going in 07, we plan on doing the cd every year so we all can check how much we progressed through out the years. In all this asia bass session will be the last one for us at club astra, and i’m very happy and honoured to be working with so many artists that i respect and admire from around asia. I hope that people will also feel as I do and if not at least i hope that there still intrested in our awsome music scene and street culture.