red eyes

I’ve been a huge fan of red eyes since his very first release. I had met red eyes through mutual friends and when i finally had the chance to organise his party in bangkok i fealt very honoured. The beneath the bassline session v.3 was the last session for 2006, and of course it was to be held at our little home club astra. The line up for the night would be dj natty, myself, and red eyes + mc youthman. Now since the days that i’ve been promoting and organising dnb events ive never in my mind had the notion that i would do huge gigs with A list djs. I ‘ve allways been in the underground and thats where im goin go to stay. I’ve had disputes over business partners whether to book this person or not. simply i dont give a fuck about a superstar dj, and red eyes is certainly not such a dj. He has in my opinion earned his stripes on the dnb scene, he is certainly been out there working hard and producing top quality dnb tunes. I respect him deeply also because he hasn’t jumped on the big tune bandwagon. I think its artist like this who need to promoted and need to big’d up. As for the night , the crowd was quite good. certainly better then expected. Red eyes played alot harder then i thought he would, but it kept booties moving on the dance floor either way. Youthman as an mc is superb, hes like stick of dynamite .. he just blows up completely. In all i had a fantastic time, and i hope the central massive crew did too. I would also like to big up my gf, and of course julien the only two people that ever beleived in me and gave me much needed support through out this project.