dj yas & rino latina



dj yas and rino latina are two of japans most respected hip hop artists. Unlike most of japans hip hop elite both yas and rino have allways strayed well way from the whole gangster rapper/bling type deal. In other words they’ve been just themselves and only themselves throughout there whole career, that is some thing that i admire about people the most , is that they can just be themselves and not have to worry about stupid mtv marketing people to tell them what to do.

As for them gig last night i was completey blown away by the two. On the decks yas was dropping old school hip hop, bossa nova, funk and weird electronica sounds. On the mic rino completely set it on fire, honesty to have heard him on dj krush’s album way back and finally getting to see him live was crazy! Rinos flow and show manship alongside yas was super tight. I really was hoping that many people would have been able to check them out.

unfortunatley last night might have had a great dj and mc but the crowd was not there. Though across the street at route , the only place in town where you can see fake gangsters, teenage wannabees, ruff ryder turbans and 50 cent clones was packed to its rafters. doesnt anyone love “real” hip hop? …. no sorry not hip hop just real “music” .

One last thing that i will say though is that i really had such a great time hangin out with those guys, i really feel that ive come to know them and there music better. also i feel very inspired from meeting them and i one day hope to be able to add my vision to this so called “music scene” of ours.