davinci code

The davinci code was such a complet let down. There was so much hype on this film, and everyone including myself was suckered into watching it. The first thing that i will say about this film is that the directing and editing was just not up to par with the book, there was no suspense, instead half way through the film you completely lose interest in what was happening. Another reason for it being such a bad film is that the albino monk guy, who you think would have so much role as being the main shit disturber in the film, with his self mutilation, albino skin and his crazy stare – really didnt have much of a strong role in anything, he was taken hostage, put in the trunk of a care, was double crossed, and to top it off he got killed so easily. He wasnt very menacing at all! The last thing that i would have to about the film is, why make such a big deal about who or what book should dictate the core of jesus christs teachings. even if the virgin mary was not a virgin at all and was his boo, shorty, sweety pie or girlfriend. who cares and why would anyone go to great lengths to protect a secret llike that. It just doesn have anything to do with what christianity or what jesus christ was about. All in all davinci code was just the right film to sway would be beleivers of jesus christ into satanic cults, hare krishnas or some other weird doomsday cult.


the elite

Homebass is not just about dnb. At least when it comes to musik wen and i come from two completely different backgrounds, back int ehday he was a brit indy boy, and i was a pimply faced raver. now since we began our little mission to promote all kinds of left feild musik in thailand, and at some point in our nations rave history nobody knew what house, dnb, breaks and techno was. So here we are with our brand new website, all shiny and ready to go, the information is there for those who want to know more about dnb. The problem is that no one seems to give a shit, and even if do tell tons of people about it no one ever seems to want to register! I think its becuz everyones so down with there own “elite” musical clique like IDM, or “INDY” musik and i say this becuz most of the “intelligent dance musik” people that i’ve asked have not even checked out the site, its like they all say dnb is just not happening but when see them at the club getting there freak on it make s me think that they might be in the closet jungalists perhaps. I really do wish that more people will become involved wit the scene and the site. I also hope that some would stop bitching about homebass, i think we’ve come quite a long way and some respect and recognition would be nice. I dont expect much and i ‘m damn glad i’m not part of some “ellite” clique. homebass is never going to be thai electronic scene poster boys, or a authortiy for for the scene, we just want to make sure that everybody has a good time and learns a thing or two in the process. Intelligient dance musick is such a bad name for a genre of musik, and so is indy. i think there are many thail labels that somehow learned how to market those trends and its really starting to get annoying. theres nothing indy or intelligent about the musik that they do, and bottom line it just doesnt rock.

nothing to do with his birthday

I feel quite honoured about being born in the same month as the buddhas birthday. vesak puja day like many other buddhists holidays thais like to go to the temple and make offerings to deities, monks, and favourite gods. Giving an offering to a statue of an religious authority figure is something that i dont really disagree with but i guess im not into it very much. Buddhism is somewhat of an atheist pholosophy, the buddhist philosophy teaches one how to deeal with your self in the here and now. in doing the right action in the current moment will make you a happy fellow. the buddha also preached that there shouldn’t be any idle worship, and he also preached that receiving merit for ones deeds does not come from giving food to a monk well at least not entirely anyways. Why is it that people can only do nice things on a holiday? will that earn you points and make you mad tight with the man above? Yesterday on buddhas birthday i was doing what most people seem to dread, having a bit of a midlife crisis. Well not crisis but i was analysing what was going on in the here and now. Theres nothing more buddhist then being concerned with the “here and now”. I must admit that i was quite scared at somethoughts that that sprung up in my head. If i am going to usse what i learned in all those weeks in the monastary was that i must accept my reality and act accordingly. Bassically in other words i’m 30 years old im a dj, im trying to start up a label and i teach at sae on the weekends. Thats it! What shall i do about all this, bassically do everything that i’m doing with the best possible effort.